Screens in the Dark

Yet more news from X06, this time two sets of screenshots from two of the more promising looking horror titles. Yes I know I’ve called a lot of these upcoming horror titles promising, but not without

Do Some Time at Driftwood

Tim Sullivan’s follow-up to 2001 Maniacs, the much more subtle sounding character piece Driftwood, will be making its world premiere at Screamfest L.A. (details are here, sucka), then premiering on MT

Alan Wakes

While the gameplay is still shrouded in mystery, Remedy’s follow-up to the Max Payne series and its first foray into the horror realm has finally poked its head above ground again for the first time i

For the Love of Brazil

Ah, Brazil. A beautiful spot for a vacation, don’t you think? Miles of beaches, wonderful weather, and exotic locals ... yep, sounds like paradise to me. But as with all paradises, I’m sure Brazil has

Gore Trailer Works its Magic

Man, do I love to see Crispin Glover in an impeccable white suite, up to his elbows in the inner workings of a lovely young lady. It just seems so very right to me. Of course, not in real life, bu

Gears in Motion

Another game conference, another look at Epic Games' upcoming 360 title Gears of War. The sci-fi horror graphical masterpiece is looking better than ever, and you can watch lead designer Cliffy B givi

Labyrinth Seeks Oscar

As was previously mentioned when the release date was moved from October to December, Variety got the official word that Guillermo Del Toro’s magnificent Pan’s Labyrinth (review) will represent Mexico

MS Holds Tight to Bioshock

So a few days back I mentioned that the upcoming Bioshock was supposedly heading to Sony’s new console, the Playstation 3, even though this hadn’t been confirmed. I’m pretty sure I used the word "rumo

Craven is Back!

So maybe you thought that Wes Craven was turning his back on the horror genre after Red Eye proved that he can be successful in other genres? How wrong you would be, friend, how very, very wrong.

Live Arcade is Doomed

Xbox owners have a lot to be happy about as Microsoft launched their X06 game conference with a ton of exciting announcements. Amongst those came the news that the original Doom would be coming to Xbo

Japanese Room Poster

Below you can see the Japanese poster for the upcoming headfuck known as The Room, the French indie film about a troubled family whose issues just get that much worse when a mysterious door appears in

Halloween TV Online!

Are you really dying for the day when your computer takes the place of your TV? Do you relish the idea of sitting for hours with your favorite shows only a click away, as opposed to digging through al

Evil Ready to Roll

Following up on the details we provided you with in our last story on the project, Fangoria found out from producer/writer Dennison Ramalho that the triumphant return of Coffin Joe to cinemas, The Embodiment of Evil, will be going in front of cameras on November 2nd with shooting scheduled to r

Von Trier Takes on Antichrist

Oh, now this should get some people spitting cereal first thing in the morning. If only I had more proof that crazy religious groups checked out the site on a regular basis, I could be sure there would many more breakfast-related accidents...

Lionsgate Likes it After Dark

I never got a chance to rush out and see An American Haunting during its brief theatrical run, but apparently enough people did to warrant it being called a success, having made $16.5 million to date.