Misty Effects

If there’s one film I think is going to kick everyone’s ass in 2007 more than anything else (and yes, I’m including Grindhouse in that statement), it’s Frank Darrabont’s long-awaited adaptation of The

Blood, Iron & Hellboy

My fellow Hellboy fans rejoice! It would seem that Hellboy's first entry into the direct to DVD animated movie market won't be its last. The newest film in the series, Hellboy: Blood and Iron, has a s

New Masters: "Right to Die"

There’s been a bit of a switch in scheduling for Showtime’s Masters of Horror for this weekend; Tom (Fright Night, Child’s Play) Holland’s "We All Scream For Ice Cream" was supposed to be on, but inst

Silent Night on Remake Block

And I thought it was weird when the announcement came down about the Faces of Death remake; actually, that is still the weirdest, but this one's up there. Though it has to remain firmly in the "rum

Primeval Next Week?

The last I'd heard about Primeval, the "inspired by a true story" man-eating crocodile movie with the trailer that goes out of its way to make sure you don't know it's actually a movie about a man-eat

Welcome to 2007!

As 2005 was coming to an end, I would tell anyone who asked that my biggest wish for 2006 was for something to change. The site we were working for at the time had some big plans that we really wanted

Meg Movie Movement

All you giant shark fans out there who were hoping that 2007 would be the year of Meg had better sit down; it’s now looking like the film won’t be out until 2008 at the earliest. I’m sorry to give out

Horrific Legend Pics

They’re kinda blury, out of focus and don’t really show a lot, but the set of the pics that just showed up over on Ain’t It Cool are the first shots from I Am Legend that give us any indication that they’re actually going for a horror element. The casting of Will Smith, on the other hand, does not.

DVD Release List: Snakes on a Disc

New year, new discs! Here's what's on DVD come January 2nd, 2007... The Covenant (2006) Directed by Renny Harlin Many, remember when Renny Harlin made good movies like ... um ... Deep Blue Sea?

'Zine Review: Rue Morgue #64

Issue #64 Jan/Feb 2007 As with almost all issues of Rue Morgue, a great cover is chosen, one that works because it’s so simplistic and striking. Though I always want some Gary Pullin art on the

New Breed Poster Found

Killer dogs. Michelle Rodriguez. Killer dogs after Michelle Rodriguez. Yeah, I think I could get behind The Breed, so long as she gets torn apart by said dogs at some point... Sorry, not a fan of t

Light Teaser

Certainly looks like the UK will be getting White Noise: The Light a while before we do; considering the film doesn’t even have a release date nailed down here yet. I really wonder why, it’s not like

New Grindhouse Poster!

Check it out; The Weinstein Co. just released what is likely the final poster for Grindhouse (via Rope of Silicon), even though the movie’s not out until April. I shudder to think, then, how much more

Looking For a Horrific Weekend?

We all know that, come about January 3rd or so, the festivities of the season have more or less worn off and generally we’re left with that empty, sad feeling because there’s just nothing left to do b

Finally! Night of the Comet!

Now this is some very cool DVD news indeed! Davis DVD found out that MGM finally has plans to release the cult favorite Night of the Comet on DVD come March 6th! No disc details have been thrown ou