Heed the Call

Just a quick heads up; Twitch Film got word that the official site for Jorge Olguin’s Call of the Sea is now online.

Monkey vs. Man!

Personally I’ve near heard of The Unholy Three until now, but it makes sense that it’s the kind of movie Rob Zombie would push for as part of his "TCM Underground" series on TCM. A weird cult film tha

Going to Pieces Disc

ThinkFilm has just announced a March 20th release date for Going to Pieces: The Rise & Fall of the Slasher Film, which hopefully you all got a chance to see when it premiered on Starz a few months bac

Xombie Comics

Check that out, kids. Nothing better than a badass hero zombie ready to kick some undead ass, is there? A press release was just sent out announcing the collaboration between Devil’s Due Publishin

Hills 2 Poster Has Feet!

Those sexy bastards over at Fox Atomic, unlike some other companies I have mentioned today, most definitely do know how to do things right! Witness the image you see below, the latest teaser poster fo

Dexter and Pan are Golden

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced its nominations for the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards today, and while the number was rather sparse, I was pleased to see at least a few genre offer

Get Some Official Grind

The Weinstein Company, for all their love of scooping up and funding horror movies left and right, sure do have a weird way of doing things. Take today for example; who would have thought that the fir

First Pic From 30 Days

30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles just posted a new blog on his MySpace page with the first pic from the movie adaptation of his incredibly popular comic, scanned from the latest issue of Wizard.

Need a Date for the Prom?

Word of another unnecessary Hollywood remake of an 80's horror flick would normally make me wretch with tremendous displeasure, but this time I really don't feel any extra repulsion. I've always said

Art of Echos

How’s this for an intriguing premise: The Shining meets The Truman Show. Gives you all sorts of unnatural ideas, doesn’t it? Of course that could just be a fancy way of saying it’s about a reality sho

Thrilling Passengers

God, I hate the term "supernatural thriller." Call it a fucking horror movie or go play in someone else’s genre, damnit. Sorry, I’m congested. Makes me irritable. Anyway, this morning The Holl

Uni Tags Writer

A while back we gave you the word that Universal had acquired the rights to the Boom! Studios comic Tag for a feature film (read it here), though at the time there were only minor details about it.

First U.S. Hannibal Teaser

German not your thing? Believe we Americans are better at trailer cutting than our foreign counterparts? Or are you just really anxious to see more from Hannibal Rising? For any of those reasons I sug

Asylum Hitchin' a Ride

Credit goes to a mystery man on the message boards known only as "Chuck" for bringing to my attention a peek at an forthcoming Asylum-produced direct-to-DVD knock-off that will no doubt be hitting DVD

The Bay Re-Animates!

So you thought the Millennium Edition of Re-Animator was the be-all end-all collector’s disc? Wrong! Once again Anchor Bay is proving why they’re still the best with the announcement of a brand new