Grizzly in the Park!

Grizzly Park, the first film to be produced by CHUD.com owner and my former "boss", Nick Nunziata, is showing off its official poster all over the web like the dirty whore that it is. The film is abou

Elwes Gives Horror Another Go

Cary Elwes is trying his hand at horror again, though hopefully this time the fans will be more forgiving for his performance (as opposed to in Saw, which I still don’t see the issue with) for the new

Parasomnia Gets Rolling

The trades are reporting today that shooting for Bill Malone’s latest feature, Parasomnia, has officially begun in and around Los Angeles with financing coming from Rising Storm Productions. For t

A Date for Dead Silence

Universal seems to have finally figured out what to do with James Wan’s follow-up to Saw, the ventriloquist-themed horror movie Dead Silence (review). Thankfully, it’s a theatrical release! If you

Blood Trails Art

Just got a heads-up that the cover for Lionsgate’s DVD release of Blood Trails (review soon, I promise) has shown up over at DVD Empire. The flick, which is due out on March 13th, 2007, is about a gir

Worst Case in '07?

All right, so it’s not exactly timely, per se, but sometimes things fall through the cracks and it takes us a while to notice ‘em.

A Hostel Tease is Official

There's some good news out there for those who love a bit of gooey nastiness. No, the release date for the second film in the Hostel series has not been bumped up, though that would have been nice.

Ghost House on the Small Screen

Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are going back to their roots again, though unfortunately not to make a new splatter-fest horror film, which I think is long overdue for the team. I mean, really, who cares ab

Exclusive Chat w/Diary Effects Man!

News about Romero’s new zombie mini-opus Diary of the Dead has been slowly trickling in. We know that it’s a cinema vérité style Blair Witch "kids in the woods with a camera" deal; that it functions a

Bobby Produces Madman

Though the project has been smacked about by Robert Rodriguez for years now, nothing’s really ever happened with the Madman movie, despite the director’s high Hollywood profile. Unfortunately he’s had

del Toro Speaks of Madness

Even though he’s in the midst of getting Hellboy 2 up and running, prolific director Guillermo del Toro is already looking forward to his next dozen or so projects, including the recently announced Tarzan adaptation.

Snakes. Girls. Hawaii...

Do you like naked girls? How about Hawaii? Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could have both? If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, allow me to point you toward the re-invigorated Sn

Shocking New Website

Anyone here remember a PC game called System Shock? No? FOR SHAME! You guys missed out. System Shock was one of the spookiest games to grace computer monitors ever. Every good game deserves a good

Writer Gives New Coffin Joe Update!

As we’ve told you about a few times now, the one and only Coffin Joe is working on his next movie, The Embodiment of Evil, though a story in the trades this weekend made it sound like it was a brand-n

*UPDATED!* The New Face of Myers?

**UPDATE: The boys at Bloody Disgusting just got the official confirmation that Daeg Faerch is, indeed, the new young Michael Myers!** For right now this will all be filed under "rumor" since nothi