Enter the Devil's Den

We’ve been wondering what the hell is going on with Jeff Burr’s latest horror outing, Devil’s Den, pretty much since we first heard about it. It’s strange when a horror flick is made and nothing is ev

Art for After Dark

Fangoria got their hands on the full-size cover art for the seven films Liosngate will throw on DVD come March 20th that played as part of the first annual After Dark Horrorfest. Personally I think th

Zombie's Halloween Updates

I’ve done this long enough; you’d think I’d have a better filter as to what is "news" and what is not. Going forward I’m just going to assume anything to do with Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake is a hot

Decoys to Seduce Again

Personally, I thought Decoys was a bit of a hit and miss hybrid of Species and your typcial college sex comedy, but it was still better than a lot of what passes for direct-to-DVD fare these days. I c

Hear the Dead, Crush the Bugs

We just got word that the excellent indie film BugCrush will be playing on the Sundance Channel this Thursday, January 4th as part of the IN SHORT: Festival 6 airing at 2:15 AM EST, and then again on

*UPDATED* Sublime Date Set

**UPDATE: Fangoria got the first look at the cover!** Though a lot of people who saw it may have had issues with Rest Stop, the first of Warner Bros. direct-to-DVD releases under the Raw Feed banner, the next entry in the series sounds like it has more potential to be genuinely scary.

Behind the Bloodrayne

It sure has been quiet from the world of Uwe Boll since AFM, hasn’t it? Yeah, it has... a little too quiet... That’s because, as usual, the Mad German is making himself a movie; specifically Bloodr

Give the Gift of The Host

Sure, you could go right ahead and wait to see what Magnolia does with The Host when they release it on DVD sometime later this year, but I seriously doubt it’ll be anything like this set. The boy

Create Your Own Labyrinth

I’m not sure how many of you guys have been lucky enough to see Pan’s Labyrinth yet, but fear not; it’s getting a wide release (thank the Gods) come January 19th through Picturehouse. If you have

Aussie Filmmakers Dole out Nightmares

There are some freaky looking Outback environments in Australia, as both Wolf Creek and Crocodile Dundee have shown us, but the strange environments seem to be a breeding ground for new filmmakers as

Primeval TV Spots Online

If you’re anything like me and don’t have "normal" television, chances are you’ve missed most of the TV spots for Primeval, which as we recently let you know about hits theaters next Friday, January 1

Black Sheep U.S. Premiere!

Yet another year will soon come and go without me taking part in the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, TX, the one convention I’d be willing to go way out of my way to hit above all others

Specs After Dark

Well, Davis DVD managed to beat everyone to the punch today by getting the first look at the specs and box art for all seven movies that were part of the After Dark HorrorFest, set to hit shelves Marc

Misty Effects

If there’s one film I think is going to kick everyone’s ass in 2007 more than anything else (and yes, I’m including Grindhouse in that statement), it’s Frank Darrabont’s long-awaited adaptation of The

Blood, Iron & Hellboy

My fellow Hellboy fans rejoice! It would seem that Hellboy's first entry into the direct to DVD animated movie market won't be its last. The newest film in the series, Hellboy: Blood and Iron, has a s