Slicing Turistas

One more day until Turistas is in theaters, which means you’ve only got one more day to put up or shut up. The movie will either rock like I hope it does or slightly underwhlem like Andrew says it doe

Leelee Commits to Violence

Man, I love Leelee Sobieski. Seriously. I’m not sure what my attraction is to her. I agree she does resemble a young, hotter Helen Hunt, but I just go crazy for the girl. So it made me smile when

Dead Daughters, Live Posters

Haven’t heard too much about the planned US remake of Dead Daughters, the Russian film about the ghosts of three girls who enact revenge for their horrible deaths by randomly picking people to watch f

Sweet Smelling Clips & Pics

Things are just looking better and better for Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, the new period horror film from Run, Lola, Run director Tom Tykwer. If you’re not familiar with it, the story is abou

New Bachman Confirmed!

There have been rumors floating around about another Bachman book for some time, but now that Steve King is finally getting back in the public eye in a big way, having just finished his first book tou

Pan's Labyrinth Gets in the Spirit

It's not even December yet, but already the nominations are in for Film Independent's 2007 Spirit Awards. As the first event to honor independent film exclusively, Film Independent's Spirit Awards ha

Who is Miss HorrorFest?

One of the aspects of HorrorFest that almost no one paid any attention to after the initial announcement (I admit it had slipped my mind as well) was the crowning of Miss HorrorFest. The initial conte

Hitcher Stuffage

We actually got this a few days back, but I’ve not had the time to get to it until now: a few newish images from and links to the Quicktime trailers for Rogue Pictures' new version of The Hitcher, whi

HBO Develops Preacher

I’ve got to say it’s about damn time some movement was made on Preacher again. People have been trying to get Garth Ennis’ comic onto the big screen for years; it finally took HBO to make it a reality ... just on a slightly smaller screen.

Rue Enters a Labyrinth

Wow, this little movie from Spain sure is getting a lot of attention, isn’t it? And who is this Guillermo del Toro guy anyway? I kid, of course. Rue Morgue’s next issue, #63, will feature an inter

Tartan Readies Slaughter Night

I’m really not too sure how this got by us the first time it was announced but apparently, along with Dorm, Shutter, and Taxidermia (which we told you about here), Tartan Films have also nabbed the US

*UPDATE* New Loomis Found?

Yep, it's bullshit! I guess it happens to the best of 'em, eh? Hopefully we'll have some real casting news for you very soon! Just got a very cool piece of possible casting info in the DC inbox tha

Dark Lot Online

Wondering where the hype machine is for the three new horror films produced by Dark Lot Entertainment: Buried Alive, A Living Hell and Undead or Alive: A Zombedy? Wonder no more! Effects master Ro

Mini Mayor Stuffer

Anyone who goes to horror cons on a regular basis knows the work of the Clay Guy. He’s the one with all the cool mini-sculpts of your favorite horror icons set up in eye catching displays. They’re mor

Stuff Yourself on Turistas

The December 1st release date for Turistas is almost upon us, and with its impending approach more and more clips are turning up online that should do a damn fine job of swaying you into getting out t