New Look at New Viy

Still gripped with remake fever after seeing Nicolas Cage karate-kick cultists in The Wicker Man? Neither are we. Nonetheless, the remake machine continues, and it's traveled overseas. Twitch Films managed to spot the trailer for the new version of the 1967 Russian masterpiece Viy (Spirit of Evil).

On the Set of The Wizard of Gore

Sure, we’re all sick of remakes. But The Wizard Gore - director Jeremy (The Attic Expeditions) Kasten’s take on the 1970 Herschell Gordon Lewis film - is something very unique. Featuring a variable dream cast of genre actors led by cult icon Crispin Glover, this indie shocker came seemingly out of nowhere and has already taken precedence as one the year’s most anticipated releases.

No Crocs for You!

As I walked up to the Dark Sky booth at the Festival of Fear, I had only one thought in mind: "Please let them have a copy of Eaten Alive..." I had a serious hankering for some backwoods man-eating cr

A Texas Chainsaw Series?

Fangoria reports today that Leatherface fans may be in for a bit more power tool-based fun! With The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning just a few weeks away, word has come down that a direct-

EXCLUSIVE: Romero on Diary, etc.

I just got off the phone with the master himself, George A. Romero, and the big guy was kind enough to grant yours truly the official word about his next project, something we've come to know as Diary

Play Fetch with Fido

Did you think zombie domestication ended with Shaun of the Dead? Nope. Domestic zombies have been around since the 1950's, or at least in the world of Fido they have, and today the boys at Bloody Dis

EHFF All Access Passes Now Available

Good news, horror geeks! The Eerie Horror Film Festival has started selling its All Access Passes. For those of you not familiar with the event, now in its third year, the Eerie Horror Film Festiv

Night 3D Coming At Ya on the 5th!

That's September 5th, providing of course that you're in Spain. Sigh. Why does all the cool stuff happen overseas first? Anyway, Night of the Living Dead 3D will make its feature film debut at The

Face Your Fear This Weekend!

Toronto. There's only one thing that can get me to make the trip to that fetid cesspool of drive-by shootings and yuppie scum, and that's the annual Rue Morgue Festival of Fear. For the last three years everyone's favorite horror mag has been putting on a Labor Day labor of love for Canadian horror fans as well as those Americans not afraid of making the snowmobile trip across the Border.

North Carolina Gets Fatale

I’m not sure what much there is to do in North Carolina, but I do know that residents in or near Durham are going to be in for a treat starting next month when The Carolina Theatre of Durham begins its Femme Fatale Film Series.

Turistas Poster Wants You Gone

The good folks over at Fox Atomic just dropped us a line with the final teaser poster for Turistas, which hits theaters on December 1st. If you’ve not been following along, Turistas tells of a backpac

Mercy Shown for Intrepid

We could expect to see Mercy sometime in the future if the gears keep rolling over at Intrepid Pictures/Rogue Pictures. According to Variety a script written by Carolyn Townsend and Eddie Hartman ha

The Masters Will Return!

If you thought Masters of Horror was great last season, wait until you check out Showtime's new preview for what's coming in October!! The production values seem to have improved, and we might be in f

Darkness Movies

Movies in the public domain are interesting beasts as they are free to copy and mess about with at anyone's leisure. They've been colorized, edited into other films for comic effect, and more, but I d

New Date for H6 DVD!

Today we got the first word from Tartan about the highly anticipated release of the Spanish film H6: Diary of a Serial Killer, which was originally due to debut on DVD here in the states on August 22n