Exclusive: First Poster, New Pics from Big Bad Wolf!

Over the weekend we received a ton of really cool stuff from Lance Dressen, director of the upcoming werewolf flick Big Bad Wolf, namely 2000+ lbs. of werewolf pics and a first look at the teaser post

Another Look at Saw III

Though it’s really nothing any longer than the teaser that came out a few weeks back, we know how you guys love your Saw stuff. Head on over to Yahoo! Movies to check out a brand new teaser trailer fo

Gender Switching for Wan's Sentence

Some more casting news came down the line today for James Wan’s second studio pic, the adaptation of Brian Garfield’s novel Death Sentence. Kevin Bacon is set to star in the film as a father who goes

Perfume Smells Success

Good news for those of us who want a little something different from our serial killer films. The lush English-language adaptation of Patrick Suskind’s 1985 novel Perfume: The Story of a Murderer only

Freddy in 3-D Again!

I know a lot of the people who read our site are youngish horror fans (though we do try to cater to the grown-up crowd too), but is it really possible that someone reading these words right now didn’t

Screamfest is Trippin'

Just got the official word from the folks at Screamfest that David Arquette’s directorial debut, the political horror film The Tripper, will be having its worldwide premiere at this year’s festival!

You Can't See This Trailer

I really can’t believe how much studios are utilizing MySpace to spread the word about their movies. It’s kinda creepy for reasons I can’t really describe; something about it just weirds me out. S

The Director Eyes You Up

Halloween Horror Nights are less than a month away, and with a Universal Studios just down the road from me, you better bet I'm going. Personally, I've thought the last few have been rather lackluster

*UPDATED* Release Your Inner Monster!

Update: We have our five winners: Alejandro Gonzalez, James Marshall, Steven Whitaker, Aron Pinsky, and Joe Lynch. Enjoy the show, guys! Your names will be at the door. We just got word from

New Look at Catacombs

You just have to love Paris, don’t you? Even if you’ve never been, immediately you conjure images of the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame ... but what about the bodies of 7 million dead people jus

UK's Box of Masters

I recently had a nice long chat with Masters of Horror creator Mick Garris (you’ll see it all soon enough, patience), and during our talk he said that, although there are no solid plans for it yet, a

The Bay's Halloween Treats

The final word on a trio of new releases from Anchor Bay for this Halloween season came down yesterday, and I have to admit it all makes me a bit sad. Remember when AB was synonymous with feature-pack

The Wii Gets Evil

Today brings us the first solid information and screens for the new Resident Evil game heading exclusively to the Nintendo Wii. The game will be called Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and is in

World War Z is Coming!

We've been tipped off today by a reader that Max Brooks' new book is getting some lovin' from Borders .

Saw Thru the UK

My father thought it was a grand idea to hang my Charlie McCarthy doll by his mouth string right next to my bed when I was a tot. This would cause his face to be positioned into a permanent yell I'd w