The End is Near!

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Exclusive: Blood & Chocolate Video Interview!

I know that Blood & Chocolate isn’t exactly the most hotly anticipated movie for most horror fans as of late, but any chance our man Sean can get to spend some time with the lovely Agnes Bruckner, sta

Evil Tastes Like Chicken

Just in case you thought Troma's Poultrygeist was the only poultry-themed horror comedy coming down the pike, have you heard about Zombeak? I remember hearing about this one about two years ago and th

Finally ... Lost Boys 2?

After nearly 20 years of rumors about everything from a direct sequel to a possible remake to an all girl version to a Frogg Brothers spin-off, now comes word that Warner Brothers has officially decid

Goyer on Invisible Changes

I’ve not had the chance to see the original Swedish film The Invisible, which Blade writer David Goyer just wrapped post-production of the remake for, but many who have report it being a very solid, m

Ogre Gonna Eat You!

It wasn't until I happened upon info about the movie Ogre that it suddenly dawned on me that there really haven't been many movies made about ogres, at least ones that didn't involve a computer animated ogre voiced by Mike Myers. Something tells me the titular Ogre featured in the upcoming film from Steven R.

Fangoria Weekend of Horrors Report

It was a chilly Friday afternoon in sunny California. The normally picturesque city of San Jose was about to be invaded by horror fans as Fangoria was set to unleash its own brand of mayhem on the D

Make Your Own Grindhouse Trailer!

Think you’re ready to be judged by Robert Rodriguez on the merits of making a grindhouse trailer? No, not a trailer for the movie, a trailer for a faux grindhouse-esque film similar to the ones Rob Zo

First AvP2 Pic!

Very nice, indeed; the folks at the German site Blair Witch.de managed to get their hands on the first still from Alien Vs. Predator 2, which is due to hit theaters this December 10th. As you can see,

Smith on Zombies

Seemingly every day I’m out there in the wilds of the Net searching for more info about Kevin Smith’s upcoming as-yet untitled horror movie. Little did I know an update would come from our friends in

It's Coming!

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Sherman's 39 Acquired

I knew Julian Richards (The Last Horror Movie) was expanding his talents outside of the directing arena, but I had no idea his Jinga Films was out trolling for new movies. Today’s announcement of thei

The Future of Cannibalism

"A group of young people, called Foragers, fight to survive against a band of vicious cannibals, known as Rovers, in a post-apocalyptic world which has been depleted of fossil fuels." A little Mad

Behold the Megasnake!

Now here's a film that I didn't think I'd ever hear anything about ever again. Nu Image first announced Megasnake at the American Film Market back in 2004. There was absolutely no information about it

DVD Release List: A New Beginning

Some more indies and Leatherface's first killings await you on January 16th, 2007... Cannibal Campout (1988) Directed by Tom Fisher & Jon McBride What the hell is this? A movie from the late 80