The Simpsons? On Dread Central?

We all know "The Simpsons" isn't really horror, but damnit, they put on some of the best Halloween episodes of any show out there, so we're gonna give them some love. Click here for a sneak peek at

Soldiers and Mutants and Wes! Oh My!

It’s 6:00 pm on the East Coast. The sun is setting, and if you’re like me, you’re probably waiting patiently for some trick or treaters to come by in search of candy. In the meantime why not feast y

Nip/Tuck Those Harvested Organs

I wouldn't necessarily call "Nip/Tuck" horror, but at least they have a Halloween special. That's gotta count towards something, right? Judge for yourself with this little preview. I feel so fat after

Great Hair and Marathon Running

Have you ever noticed in many horror movies the lead characters have hair that seems perfect no matter what the situation is? It could be raining down bloated toads, and not one single follicle moves

Niles Interviewed and Weeks Drawn

They knew you could not wait another whole hour for more candy. Fox Atomic took pity and churned out two more treats for us, the giddy crowd of horror lovers. Look at this! Look at it! It is beauti

It Blew Up Real Good!

What can make a zombie movie even better? Explosions, helicopters, and fire! Since the zombies in 28 Weeks Later aren’t exactly the living dead, how will they act in the new sequel? Will they run like

The Hills Have Weeks

Two o’clock has rolled on in, and there are only a few more hours to go until kids are knocking at your door or spraying the car with silly string. I love Halloween! I also enjoy sitting out in the bu

We're #1!!!

It's 1 P.M. Do you know where your kids are? Don't worry about them. Hell, you're better off without them anyway. And if you do find them, you can always just sell 'em. For the first hour past noo

She's Late ... 28 Weeks Late

It's been 28 weeks since the outbreak that devastated the world in 28 Days Later. Jolly old England is a deserted mess, and we dutiful Americans are headed there to do some cleanup. Things are looking

The Hills Are Looking Good

Whether you liked the new The Hills Have Eyes remake or not, you have to agree that it was bloody, violent and pretty damn creepy. Sure, the mutants weren't as fleshed out as the original Hillbillies,

A New Nasty Turistas Clip

Don't leave your house! Stay inside, get fat, and enjoy the TV. If you do traverse outside of your home and into another country, you are in for some bad times! At least that is the case when it comes

Mulberry Street Premiere!

Just got word from the creators of Mulberry Street, the were-rat movie that we first told you about here, that the premiere date for the film is all set. It will be shown in front of an audience f

Baxley Readies a Game

Now this could be interesting: a movie that takes place entirely in a room with a woman handcuffed to a bed. Naked. No, it’s not a return of the Guinea Pig series, but rather Craig R. (Rose Red) Baxle

The Mystery of Wildcat

What is Wildcat? Best I can tell it's one of those Jekyll & Hyde/werewolf hybrid movies with a touch of Species thrown in for good measure, only the catch is that the female lead finds herself afflict

Sneak Peek at 28 Weeks/Hills 2 Coverage!

It was about 9pm one evening when I got an e-mail from one of my contacts at Fox Atomic letting me know that they were setting up set visits for both 28 Weeks Later and The Hills Have Eyes 2. Now, I’v