Edward James About Town

Today we received word from former Rue Morgue editor-in-chief and current filmmaker Rodrigo Gudino that his first short film, The Eyes of Edward James (review), will be seen by lots of festival-goers

The Morgue Loves the Ball!

Even though the folks behind Rue Morgue only took a month off, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked about the mag. That ends now, as we just got word about the next issue, which look

Saw, Slither & Snakes Seek Saturn

Oh, how I love alliteration!

Bousman Talks Saw IV

Though I’m sure cries of "sell out!" echoed across the Internet as soon as it was announced that Darren Bousman would return to the Saw franchise despite numerous insistences that he was all done with

First Details on Lake Placid 2!

Finally, the sequel you’ve all been waiting for is here! The folks over at Moviehole have just come across details on the upcoming direct-to-DVD sequel for Lake Placid! I’ll wait till you're done w

Teaser for Extinction

Oh yeah, the trailer for Resident Evil: Extinction is now online. I’m so very excited. The third (and hopefully last) film in the series follows Alice (Mila Jovovich again) and a band of survivors

First Official Penance Pic

We told you about the trailer for Toe Tag Film’s third and final entry in the August Underground franchise, August Underground's Penance, a few days back (check it out in our Broadband section!) and t

More Pissy Crocodiles

Maybe it’s something in the water these days, but I love the fact that the giant killer crocodile movie is back in vogue again. The latest entry is a film called Black Water, coming our way soon from

Rosenberg's Already Dead

Despite my inherit distaste for vampire movies, I have to say this one sound like all the elements are in place for something very cool... Mike DeLuca Productions has teamed with Phoenix Pictures t

First Believers Pic, Release Date

Looking around online for a while, I came to realize that there’s just not a lot of info out there for Blair Witch Project co-director Dan Myrick’s The Believers, his entry into the Warner Bros. Raw Feed line of direct-to-DVD horror.

Even More Monster Squad Disc Details!

As was to be expected, the information about Lionsgate’s planned special edition release of Monster Squad on DVD is coming fast & furious now that the official announcement’s been made. Will we get a

Craven Blogs the Hills

Not sick of us talking about The Hills Have Eyes 2 yet? Good, cause we’ve got a lot more to say about the sequel, set to hit theaters March 23rd (the first day of Fear Fest, in case you didn’t know).

Zodiac in the Forest of Death

It looks like the Zodiac Killer may finally receive some sort of cinematic justice. Those burnt by Alexander Bulkley's 2005 The Zodiac should rest in peace after seeing these clips from iFilm. For

Exclusive: Hills 2 Producer!

The first thing our team noticed when we hit the set of The Hills Have Eyes 2 was how … well, advanced the whole operation looked. I mean, we’re talking about a massive studio built in the middle of t

See 23 Early!

The folks behind Pit of Horror wanted me to let any of our Texas-based readers know that they managed to score an early screening of the new Jim Carey thriller (now that’s an odd phrase), The Number 2