First U.S. Hannibal Teaser

German not your thing? Believe we Americans are better at trailer cutting than our foreign counterparts? Or are you just really anxious to see more from Hannibal Rising? For any of those reasons I sug

Asylum Hitchin' a Ride

Credit goes to a mystery man on the message boards known only as "Chuck" for bringing to my attention a peek at an forthcoming Asylum-produced direct-to-DVD knock-off that will no doubt be hitting DVD

The Bay Re-Animates!

So you thought the Millennium Edition of Re-Animator was the be-all end-all collector’s disc? Wrong! Once again Anchor Bay is proving why they’re still the best with the announcement of a brand new

Simon Says Check This Out

Seems that Bill (Harry and the Hendersons) Dear’s first slasher film, the Crispin Glover-starring Simon Says (read Crispin’s comments on it here), is ramping up for some kind of release soon, though b

Monsters in the Closet

All right, that’s gotta be one of the coolest posters I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll grant you, there are varying levels of cool when it comes to a poster, but this one just tells it like it is; Close

Exclusive: Kitamura Uses Real Meat

Midnight Meat Train is one of those movies we’ve been hearing about for so long at so many stages of development that it almost seems too good to be true that it’s finally happening. But it is, folks, and with none other than Ryuhei (Versus) Kitamura at the helm. Could you ask for anything cooler?

Mr. Vernon's New Home

Anchor Bay has finally re-opened the official site for Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, which as we reported recently is set for a Valentine’s Day release next year. There’s not a hellu

Open Grave Developed

Imagine you go out with friends one night and things get out of hand. I’m sure it’s happened to all of us at one point or another; you wake up with barely a memory of what went down after a certain po

Teasing the Second Hills

And if the Hostel Part II poster wasn’t enough for ya, IGN also got the teaser trailer for The Hills Have Eyes 2, the same badass teaser that ran in front of Turistas. Those lucky bastards, eh? Click

Nasty New Hostel Poster

Wow, that’s pretty icky, eh? IGN just got their grubby appendages on the official teaser poster for Hostel Part II, which as we reported earlier is due out on June 8th via Lionsgate. I guess that’s re

First News & Pic From Plaguers

Just got word in our inbox from Mutation directors Brad and Josephina Sykes about their latest collaboration, a badass sounding genre mix called Plaguers.

Tiny Marvel Zombies!

Okay, so we are slow on picking up on the goings on of HeroClix. We are also slow on the newest innovations in Larping, Cosplay and D&D expansions. Shoot me! Nevertheless, we had to let you in

Two Important Dates Next Year

2007 has a lot of promise to be a good year for horror, but then I’ve thought that before ... For now I’ll keep my pessimism to myself and just say that I hope it turns out as good as it looks now. Tw

More Bruce!

The boys who believe their news is cool, AICN, just got their dirty mitts on a brand new exclusive pic from the upcoming Dark Horse Entertainment flick My Name is Bruce. Below is a tease (guess which shirt is Bruce’s!), but if you click on it, you shall be treated to the entire thing! Look for My Name is Bruce, directed by and starring Bruce Campbell, this February!

Dimension Heeds the Warning

Dimension Films continues their sweeping grab of seemingly all things horror with today’s announcement in Variety that they’ve acquired the North America distro rights to Jamie (Urban Legend) Blanks’ latest horror pic, Storm Warning.