Campbell News That's Mmm Mmm Good!

It may not be much, but I see it as a good sign that things are moving forward for Don Coscarelli’s planned Bubba Ho-Tep prequel, Bubba Nosferatu.

Rosario Gets Haunted

As if anyone needed further proof that MySpace is good for something other than stalking prepubescent girls, Rob Zombie has just posted on his MySpace blog the most excellent news that Rosario Dawson

5 Clips from HorrorFest Films!

We’ve been shamelessly plugging the hell out of the upcoming After Dark HorrorFest, the first film festival that will be seen in over 500 theaters in 35 states. Showcasing 8 (and in some places 10) in

New D-War Footage Found

I was about to open up this story by saying that it feels like I've been reporting on Korean director Shim Hyung-Rae's giant monster epic D-War for what feels like years, but then I realized that I ac

New Postal Pics!

Our man Andrew spent the last few days making his way around AFM (the American Film Market, for those of you not "in the know") and managed to snag all sorts of cool stuff while he was there. But the

Ice Spiders Live!

I did a story a few weeks back about an upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original movie about big mutant spiders terrorizing a cast of former "Melrose Place" actors called Ice Spiders, although word is that th

Kurtzman's Oddlot Handiwork!

As you all should be aware, former KNB man Robert Kurtzman has been keeping himself very, very busy as of late. Aside from making his first film since Wishmaster, the Andrew Divoff-starrer The Rage, h

New Pics of Hostel-ity

The first set of stills from Eli Roth’s Hostel Part II have been revealed, and you can see a teaser of them below (click each one for a full-size look). The sequel follows three American girls who tak

Darabont's Mist Moves Fast

All this time, all these years waiting for Frank Darabont to finally be able to do the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist he’s been talking about forever, and it all might be over by next May.

Tripper Added to After Dark

Wow, the After Dark HorrorFest just keeps getting bigger and bigger. First it was revealed that Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror would be added as a ninth film, available to those who make it through all e

Fever 2 Banned From Bible Belt

You know you’ve got something special on your hands in terms of a horror movie when you mange to offend an entire state with just a script.

Mother of Tears Update

Still on the fence as to whether or not you should be excited for Argento’s next movie, The Mother of Tears, the final in his Three Mothers trilogy? Anyone who’s seen Sleepless has every reason to be

Posterizing AFM

One of the other cool things that come out of AFM each year is the plethora of new posters for films, most of which are usually temporary for the fest itself, but some are the real final deal. The boys at Bloody Disgusting got their camera lens pointed at five such posters: early works for Castlevania and The Deaths of Ian as well as what looks like the final posters for Hatchet, The Tripper, and Doug Buck’s Sisters remake. Click here to check ‘em out!

Vote Sooey!

Today is Election Day in the United States. If you've turned on the TV news, picked up a newspaper, or visited a news website, then you already know that today's mid-term elections are amongst the mos

Cool Horror Props for You!

I know that, as horror fans, most of us might not have as much cool stuff in our house as we wish we did. I look around and think that I have a good amount of horror collectibles, but then there’s alw