Taxidermia Trailer...

Man, and I thought the U.S. was getting weird. A few days back you may remember a story we did about some new acquisitions by Tartan Films for release in the U.S. One of said films was called Taxiderm

Postal Site, First "Clip" Online

Yeah, it's not exactly what I would want to show off to give the kids an idea of what Postal will be like, but then I'm not Dr. Uwe Boll, am I? Thank the gods no. Anyway, the official site for Postal

Happy Thanksgiving!

So what do we have to be thankful for this year? Quite a bit, actually! As of July of this year Dread Central broke free from the bonds that had been holding us back for too many years to mention, fin

All is Quiet for "Pro-Life"

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s premiering on Black Friday or the subject matter of the episode in general, but there’s a very odd lack of info out there about this Friday’s new Masters of Horror ep

Buffy: Season Eight?

The folks over at Entertainment Weekly have posted one seriously bitchin' article on all things Joss Whedon, providing, among many exclusives, a sneak peak at "Buffy: Season Eight", which the man is currently writing as a comic book series.

New Turistas Poster, Clips & Exclusive Still!

All right, sickos, the time is nigh. The freshman release from Fox Atomic is just around the corner, and to prove (yet again) how much they love horror fans, they’ve provided us with two brand spankin

Altered Trailer & Site!

December 19th will see the release of Eduardo Sanchez’s return to horror filmmaking, his first since the original Blair Witch Project, via a little movie called Altered. The film deals with a group of friends who were once abducted by aliens. 15 years later they manage to capture one of the aliens with the aim of enacting some revenge, but payback can be a bitch for both sides. Curious about it? I know I am!

Collector's Silence

Considering the fact that all Hannibal Rising is is a way to cash in on the Hannibal franchise, it should come as no surprise that they’re continuing the cash-in with a Collector’s Edition of the film

Bobo the Insult Murder Clown

I only got a chance to see two of the HorrorFest films this past weekend and unfortunately for me, Dark Ride was one of those films. If anyone had told me this past May after I saw See No Evil that be

First Visit to Third Mother

Alan Jones is back doing what he does best: hanging out on the set of a Dario Argento movie. As happens every time Argento’s shooting pretty much anything, Jones is there to see how things are going a

One Poster for 23

Though the jury is still out as to whether or not The Number 23, a new thriller from Batman nipplizer Joel Schumacher, is worth mentioning on a horror site, judging from the trailer and now the super

T&A Alert: Sorrority House Slaughter

After driving me the brink of wanting to strangle him after making the scam masquerading as a movie that was Komodo vs. Cobra, it’s actually nice to see Jim Wynorski returning to the T&A slasher movie

Hills Have Eyes 2 Poster!

Now that is a badass poster if I’ve ever seen one. It’s clear Fox Atomic is in no way, shape, or form fucking around with the Hills Have Eyes 2. If you need more proof, all you have to do is make sure

Ittenbach Gets a Divorce

Remember what I said about gore yesterday in my story about 100 Tears? Well, if I was right and you really do crave the red and sticky stuff, Olaf Ittenbach is your man. The director of Premutos a

Fox Atomic's New 15 Gigs of Fame

Ever had a bad vacation? I once lost all of my luggage and my midget girlfriend when I landed in Las Vegas. You can't believe what a pain it is to go two weeks in Sin City with only a pair of jean sho