Final Fear Fest Schedule!

All right, kiddies, the first ever Fear Fest convention, co-sponsored by Pit of Horror and Dread Central, is upon us! Doors open on Friday, March 23rd at 6pm and the madness continues through till Sun

Rise Pics, Footage Found

Though there is still no solid release date for it yet, the Ghost House Pictures film Rise is getting ready to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival; hopefully those who attend can see it and help us und

Earth Vs. The Transmorphers!

I freely admit that this falls into the category of sci-fi and not horror, but, hey, we've done news and reviews for this site in the past for films that involved killer robots. Besides, it's just too

See Award-Winning Host Free!

Well, The Host sure is doing well outside of the US, where it got a decent release instead of just an arthouse run (don’t think I’m complaining; it’s better than nothing) and it was announced via the trades today that the film picked up a total of 4 Asian Film Awards at the recent inaugural event.

New Line Goes to War

New Line is just grabbing all sorts of cool properties all of a sudden, aren’t they? The other day it was announced they’d be behind the proposed remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, today

New Hostel II Clip, Roth Blogs

You can tell things are winding down for Hostel: Part II because director Eli Roth is slowly making his way back online again. Usually the guy is updating his MySpace page on a regular basis but for s

A Snake Prequel?

Being a writer myself, for my money there’s nothing like reading a really good interview conducted by someone who you can tell is not only a fan of their subject, but does his or her research beforeha

Another Visit to Twin Peaks

Anyone who was alive in the early Nineties will have heard of "Twin Peaks," a murder mystery TV show that spun off into dark scary places and came from the minds of David Lynch and Mark Frost. The ser

Dynamite's Undead New Offerings!

Did anyone have the slightest doubt that Marvel Zombies VS The Army of Darkness would be a hit? Didn't think so. Hot on the heels of their success, Dynamite throws some more brains into the pit! He

O'Dea Joins Women's Studies

Nothing better than a chick-centered horror movie, am I right? Girls running around in negligees being pursued by a masked maniac in between long, lingering showers. Do ya feel me? Women’s Studies is nothing like that at all.

Sneak HorrorHound #6!

Just got a look at and preview of the next issue of HorrorHound, specifically Issue #6, which celebrates 20 years of The Monster Squad and months of Grindhouse hype at the same time. The staff cha

Bodybuilders: It's What's for Dinner

An introverted young man, bullied throughout his life for being a weakling, aspires to be a bodybuilder. Despite all his hard work he can't quite seem to achieve the Mr. Olympia look he so covets. Wha

Stairs and Shocker Remade?

Finally, Wes Craven admits that not only does Shocker need to be remade, it needs to be remade as soon as humanly possible. Well, all right maybe he’s not that adamant about it, but he did reveal

Pulling Captivity Billboards

Man, After Dark seems to be having all sorts of stuff going on both good and bad. Yesterday it was good; today, coupled with the news of them dropping The Tripper, it seems to be bad. The Hollywoo

Tripper Needs You!

Mr. Courtney Cox, aka David Arquette, just posted a new blog over on the Tripper MySpace board with what has to be construed as a classic call for help. Actually, no, that’s exactly what it is.