Orville Wants A Wife

Sometimes it is hard to get a woman to marry you. To be honest, sometimes it is difficult to get a woman period. The solution is easy: Trap 'em, torture 'em and cut off their limbs if they don't abide

Hitchcock Haunts The Silver Screen

Each Friday night when I was a kid, my folks would lock me in a room with a television while they tried to regain the youth I was sucking out of them. On this tiny black & white set I was sure to catc

Develope a Taste for Necrophobia

The last time I was at a haunted house, there was a mishap. A homeless man snuck into the attraction and was doing the most horrifying thing: begging for money! My god! The horror!!! Don't think it

After Dark Joins The Tribe

The key phrase here is "humanoid creatures". Though the new film just acquired by AfterDark Films, The Tribe, is about 20-somethings in peril (yawn), the reason they’re in peril is humanoid creatures

Exclusive: Dead Fury Stills

Just a couple of days ago, we gave you the scoop on Frank Sudol's latest Zombie blood bath, Dead Fury, and now we bring you some exclusive stills. See? You knew there was a reason why you love us! Kee

First Info on Pop Skull!

What the hell is Pop Skull?

Zombie's Brother Directs!

Talk about following in the family footsteps ... Fangoria just put up a brief set report from the filming of the first movie directed by Spider, former Powerman 5000 frontman and brother of Halloween

The Masters Invade NYC

Free this weekend? Will you be in or around New York City? Have some frequent flyer miles to use and need a good reason? Then there is no excuse for you fiends to not attend the New York Comic Con.

Exclusive: Bloody Reunion Clip!

This is why I’ve skipped, and will continue to skip, any and all high school reunions. Too much bad old baggage can be brought to the forefront with a few drinks in ya. Though something tells me i

Gazza Goes for Last Run

Not being into sports of any variety, including soccer since it’s nowhere near as popular here as it is in other countries, the news that ex-soccer star Paul Gascoigne, or Gazza as his fans know him,

More for The Mist

A bit more casting news has come down for Frank Darabont’s The Mist, and since it’s one of the sexiest projects out there, we just gotta mention it. Variety reports this morning that Marcia Gay (T

Edward James About Town

Today we received word from former Rue Morgue editor-in-chief and current filmmaker Rodrigo Gudino that his first short film, The Eyes of Edward James (review), will be seen by lots of festival-goers

The Morgue Loves the Ball!

Even though the folks behind Rue Morgue only took a month off, it seems like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked about the mag. That ends now, as we just got word about the next issue, which look

Saw, Slither & Snakes Seek Saturn

Oh, how I love alliteration!

Bousman Talks Saw IV

Though I’m sure cries of "sell out!" echoed across the Internet as soon as it was announced that Darren Bousman would return to the Saw franchise despite numerous insistences that he was all done with