Crispin Lets Us Know What It Is

There’s no end in sight for Crispin Hellion Glover, who continues the prolific tour of his much-touted directorial debut What Is It? – which is having its Los Angeles run this weekend on December 8th,

Coffin Loads of DVDs in '07

Perhaps like many of us, you will be receiving gift certificates for this holiday season. They take the sting out of getting someone the wrong gift and you, the receiver, can finally get what you actu

30 Days Sneak

Just wanted to give all of you slavering for more 30 Days of Night info out there something to tide you over, if that’s possible.

Prepare to Defend Earth

You’ve all heard of the Chikyuu Bouiegun video game series, right? No? Well there’s a good reason for that; they never came out in America. The series puts you in the shoes of one of the Earth Defe

Dinner for Fiends: Turistas

All right, kids, experiment time. This isn’t the kind of experiment that requires you to remove your pants so please, put them back on. We’re trying something new to give this place a bit more p

New MoH Clip: "Screwfly Solution"

This Friday is the last episode of Masters of Horror until after Christmas, so I really hope it’s a good one ... It's going to be hard to top "Pelts" for me, but we can hope. The second entry from

Dushku After a Killer

Rob Schmidt knows a good thing when it’s staring him in the face. He got to spend some time in the woods with Eliza Dushku a few years back making Wrong Turn, and now that he’s on to his next feature, he’s making sure he keeps her around. Smart guy.

Jane Getting All Misty

Though it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, nothing like making it official you know? UGO was interviewing Thomas Jane about the upcoming Extended Cut DVD of The Punisher and asked him what was the s

How to Meet the Anti-Christ

Everyone has a dream of working in one capacity or another in Hollywood, whether it be a fluffer gig on the newest Andrew Blake film or directing Tom Cruise to "reel it in a bit." Lars Von Trier, being the independent free-thinker that he is, wants to help one Danish movie fan get one step closer to his or her dream by offering a chance to be an extra in his next horror film, Anti-Christ.

Pan's Clips Galore

I finally got a chance to see Pan’s Labyrinth this past weekend, and let me assure you kids that it is every bit worth the hype that’s been building around it since it was first announced. I can’t wai

Kaw Online!

Are you ready for this, folks? I really don’t think you are, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. Why? Cause it’s Kawsome! Sorry, that was bad. And not my joke either so don’t go thinking I’m a

Bryniarski's Ready to Suck ...

... blood that is. The fiends over at Pit of Horror nabbed the very first photos of Andrew "Leatherface" Bryniarski as Count Dracula in the upcoming film Bram Stoker's Dracula's Guest. We all k

Kentis Gets a Bigger Boat

When Open Water first came out, it seemed like director Chris Kentis was going to be getting non-stop work from then on out. But things have been quiet for the director, and I’m sure he’s thrilled to

Spinning off Death Note

The fine folks over at Twitch Film have learned that, following the massive success of Shusuke Kaneko's fine Death Note films, there are plans for a spin-off franchise following the exploits of "L" -

Avnet Ready to Kill

One of the biggest selling books in Italy’s recent history, I Kill, has a new director attached and is getting ready to shoot very soon according to Variety.