First Report From Mist Set

I’m going to try, really hard, to write up this news story without swearing too much... it won't be easy as I have the worst case of "professional jealousy" right now that I've ever experienced. Th

Elite's Creature Collection

Man loves his monsters. If it weren’t for them, what genre would we worship on a day-to-day basis? Historical dramas? Dull! Elite Entertainment knows how much we love our monsters, and to prove it, th

Experience Trailers... From Hell!

For you, what would you say the best part about going to see a movie is? The sound system? The massive screen? The comfortable seating? The teenagers making out next to you (my personal fave)? For man

Germany's Got a Slasher

Teens in the woods. A masked butcher out to eliminate them one by one through creative kills. You’ve seen it a thousand times before … but have you seen it in German? Such is the plot and setting

Exclusive: Video Chat with Hills 2 Mutants!

Sure, you may have read interviews with the director or some of the stars of The Hills Have Eyes 2, but how many other sites actually sit down with the mutants? Sean Clark got to pick the brains of Mi

Exclusive: Footage from Hostel II Panel!

So you didn’t make it out to the recent New York Comic Con, eh?

Tartan's Horrific May

Tartan has announced the two titles they will have on shelves this May, both of which are likely to make us horror fans pretty damn happy. First up on May 8th is Arang, from Korea. A series of hor

New Xombie Comic Cover!

Just got the following image from the folks behind Xombie, which is one of the covers Devil’s Due is working on for their upcoming comic series based on Jamie Farr’s badass online series. With the recently published graphic novel Xombie: Dead on Arrival (review) and now this, it looks like we’re going to be seeing the futher adventures of Dirge for a long time to come.

Grindhouse Festival Hits L.A.

Almost two months. 50 films. Movies that have not seen the light of a cinema in years. Now that is the way you celebrate the release of your new movie, damnit. Quentin Tarantino is loaning films o

Eyeborgs Are Coming!

"Set in near future Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Eyeborgs combines action, horror, and political commentary in a tale of sophisticated surveillance robots going out of control. Following another 9/1

Posters Opened, Trapped

Two cool new posters for two very questionable films showed up online yesterday, and we thought you guys would dig ‘em. First one comes from Arrow in the Head and is for the Elisha Cuthbert-starer Captivity, the trailer for which wore out its welcome about three films into this past November’s After Dark HorrorFest for me.

New HHE2 TV Spot!

Sitting down in front of the boob tube tonight after work? Well, if you’re watching a halfway decent channel, there’s a good chance you’ll see a new TV spot for The Hills Have Eyes 2, due out March 23

Wrong Turn 2 Trailer!

Been waiting a long, long time for this one, kiddies. Fox has finally unleashed the trailer for Joe Lynch’s Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and all you gotta do to check it out is click here! Joe will be at o

Nispel's Dark Future

Been wondering what Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux helmer Marcus Nispel has been up to since his critically panned version of Frankenstein from a few years back? April 20th sees the release of his next

Art & Clips From Boll's Seed!

Why the hell is this guy smiling like he’s lining up for a class photo or something? Seriously, it looks like the art department behind Uwe Boll’s Seed aimed to get the least intimidating picture of t