Grilndhouse UK Split Official

I feel really bad for people in other countries, but I guess since technically this is our fault the guilt is well founded. Though originally the Weinstein Co. had plans to keep Grindhouse a

Hell Ride Gets a Lady

Just got a new bit of casting info for Larry Bishop’s much-anticipated grindhouse-esque film Hell Ride and it is some damn pretty news. Actress/model Koda Madison dropped us a line with word

The Legend of Hogzilla

That picture you see is not a Photoshop job. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Hogzilla! Never heard of Hogzilla? Shot and killed on June 17, 2004 in Alapaha, Georgia. The hog was so enormous th

First Look at BloodRayne 2 Teaser

Wow, what is becoming of this strange, strange world we inhabit? Uwe Boll’s shot-on-the-cheap BloodRayne 2: Deliverance is actually making its debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival? Does

Saw IV Secrets Blogged?

Could Darren Bousman have already let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag about the big twist in Saw IV, which is currently shooting up in Toronto as we speak? Well, sort of. His lat

New Trick Treat

Just a quick heads up because this is a movie we want to make sure you don’t stop thinking about between now and its release in October; AICN just got a brand-new pic from Mike Dougherty’s Trick

MTV Wants Your Movies

Have you ever been watching an awards show and thought, "Boy, that movie sucks. I am sure I could blow them all away with my work." Well, believe it or not, you now have that golden opportunity,

New Myers Pic

It's five in the morning, and this little fiend just cannot sleep. Do you know what that means? UPDATE TIME!!! Sure, it is no cure and I may pass out while writing this story, but what an advent

Trailer No Longer Held Captive

You just gotta hand it to Ryan Rotten. He takes charge of his new website and --BANG-- pops out exclusive after exclusive. Anyways, the newest cat he's let out of the web-bag over on his sit

Edges Of Darkness Creeps Forward

We need more zombie movies. More zombie movies with some vampires thrown in! Let's focus less on silly teen thrillers or madmen in masks and concentrate our efforts on some good, old fashioned undead mania. This kind of combo is rarely seen in the horror genre today, and luckily some folks are ready to take a chance with it.

Tribeca Horrors '07: Black Sheep

With the Tribeca Film Festival gearing up in New York City, there's a lot more than spring in the hazy Tri-State air! Of course, most people in NYC have never even seen a real life sheep, but th

We Got Pink Eye

Our fiendish friends over at Fangoria got a nice bloody surprise slapped on their laps. Writer/producer Joshua Nelson sent in some new exclusive stills from Pink Eye, his upcoming project with d

The Rider Will Come In June

Nic Cage needs to stay far, far away from any films that involve him being set ablaze. Last year's The Wicker Man kicked us all in the teeth with an unneeded but unintentionally hilarious remake

Ice Spiders, Harpies ... Oh My!

As Mr. Butane told you in his recent story about this weekend's Sci-Fi Channel premiere of Lake Placid 2, I'm so dedicated to viewing and reviewing Sci-Fi Channel original movies that I'll drop

Tribeca Horror '07: Rise: Blood Hunter

With the Tribeca Film Festival gearing up in New York City, there's a lot more than spring in the hazy Tri-State air! This time it’s the living undead again. Or are they the unliving dead? Whate