Rockstar on Another Manhunt

I have to admit I got a little excited when I read about Rockstar making a return to Manhunt, one of the most intense games I’ve had the pleasure to play in my years as a gamer. And I don't mean exci

More Pulse Planned?

This isn’t confirmed as of yet - it’s what we like to call an "internet rumor" - but it sure wouldn’t surprise me if it all turned out to be fact-based. Those Aussie freaks at Moviehole, who appar

Perrineau Off to Fight Demons

If nothing else, perhaps his new starring gig on the CBS show "Demons" will show everyone that Harold Perrineau can do more than run around an island looking for his son. The Hollywood Reporter go

Attack of the Sci Fi DVDs

So you're like most Sci-Fi Channel movie watchers who just get tired of having to sit around and wait a full six weeks before the Sci-Fi Channel plays that original movie of theirs that you've been wa

Saw Trilogy Art!

The other day we threw some news at you about the UK's Saw III: Extreme Edition (which one reader wrote in and said may actually be shorter than the U.S. cut...) as well as a Saw Trilogy DVD that’ll b

New Closet Space Trailer!

I know we really don’t give as much love to indie horror around these parts as we probably should, but most of it is just ... so ... bad. Mel House’s Closet Space looks like it just might rise above m

The 7th Coming of Monster Mania

Monster-Mania 7 is set to hit Cherry Hill, NJ this February 16-18th, and as always, Dread Central will be along for the ride. MM7's guest list features an all-star Saw reunion complete with Tobin

From The Hitcher to The Seed

Neal McDonough may not have had the biggest role in 2007's The Hitcher, but it looks like he will be making a bigger splash in yet another film from the '80s. McDonough won't have to worry about co

Christmas Comes Early

When I think of Christmas, I don't have images of sugar plums dancing or a fat old man lurking in my chimney. What I see in my mind's eye is lots of blood and over-the-top gore. Am I alone in this min

Exclusive: Hills Have Eyes 2 Set Visit Preview!

There are times when running a horror site can get you down. You wonder if enough people are reading your stuff, if all the blood, sweat and tears (not to mention other fluids) you dump into everythin

Syndicate Realize Dead Matter

Everyone who starts their filmmaking career off with a low budget interpretation of what they see as a grand concept wishes, at one point or another, that they could just go back and remake it. Not in the George Lucas sense of more or less ruining the original film necessarily, but I’m sure all filmmakers have wished their first works were closer to their true vision.

Death Knows Maverick's Name

Back on in one of our various early incarnations, we did a story or two about an indie movie coming out of Argentina called Death Knows Your Name. Why? Because in all honesty it just sounded like a co

Darabont on All Things King

I just don’t know how I feel right now. Part of me is reeling with the possibilities of what Frank Darabont could do with an adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. The rest of me, the par

Re-developing the Devil

Now that the dust surrounding Tom Cruise’s insanity is beginning to settle, Paramount is finding a lot or projects that had to be abandoned by him and his producing partner Paula Wagner when they spli

Sutherland Stares Into Mirrors

Of all the bizarre comebacks for 80’s stars in the recent years, Kiefer Sutherland's is the one that still freaks me out sometimes. And not just because his first name is Kiefer; seriously, what the h