Bong to Host the Host

Korea looks to be giving Japan a run for its money now in the horror movie biz. According to Andrew's review of The Host's limited edition DVD package, this is not a film to be missed and it lacks cro

Florida Celebrates Horror & Hotties!

There are definite advantages to living in the Sunshine State. Nice weather year round, delicate windstorms that blow down buildings, old people near death cruising around for their final French cruel

Horror Hits New York

We’ve made mention a time or two about the upcoming Comic Con taking place in New York City, which first came to light when Stephen King was announced to be making an appearance, but we’ve not really

Exclusive Dead Mary Clip!

Camping used to be fun. You could get together with some friends, head off to an isolated cabin in the woods, and the likelihood of getting laid all weekend long was exponentially increased. Nowadays

SOTA Toys Toy Fair Update!

Hey there all, still alive in the land of Toy Fair, which comes to an end today. Then it’s off to Monster Mania next weekend for even more madness! Checking in with the folks at SOTA Toys during t

Kevin Smith Almost in Horror

It may not be the horror movie he keeps saying he’s going to do next, but according to Production Weekly Kevin Smith is inching closer to our genre with his next gig.

Abrams Lost in the Tower

Just a few days ago we threw a link at you to an interview with Frank Darabont in which he discussed a lot of Stephen King-related projects; the one that scared me the most was The Dark Tower, however

Smith is Ruined

Production Weekly received word today that Carter Smith, director of music videos for bands like Stone Temple Pilots, Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros (not the same Carter Smith who wrote and dire

Rogue Finds Release

Word has found its way online today through various sources, likely originating on The Weinstein Company’s official site, that Dimension has finally set a release date for Greg McLean’s killer croc mo

Full Mezco Toy Fair Update!

The three figs together (Leatherface, Jason and Freddy) we mentioned here are plush dolls designed by Pinkerton (he did Cadaver the Clown if you remember).

Van Der Beek vs. The Dead

Whoa. We just got a heads up from reader Marc about a story that showed up on Production Weekly this morning that, in all honesty, I just skipped right over. I guess the name James Van Der Beek doesn’

Mezco's New Fear

What the hell are they? They look mean and ready to fuck some shit up, that’s for damn sure, so you might be surprised to learn that they’re actually plush figures. Yes, things you can cuddle with and

Monster Squad DVD is Coming!

Wow, it sure feels strange actually talking about the realistic truth that yes, Monster Squad is coming to DVD. For so long MS and Fred Dekker’s other horror/comedy masterpiece Night of the Creeps (re

Hill Talks Box, Father

Ah, the day before Valentine’s Day. A day when lovers really begin to determine how they’re going to spend the one day a year that celebrates love in all forms, the day when last-minute gifts to show

Picturehouse in The Orphange

Now that Picturehouse, the first venture between HBO and New Line Cinema, have proven itself to be a success with the slow but steady release of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, how do they follow up? More Spanish thrillers, of course, and we’re fine with that!