Wrong Turn 2 Trailer!

Been waiting a long, long time for this one, kiddies. Fox has finally unleashed the trailer for Joe Lynch’s Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and all you gotta do to check it out is click here! Joe will be at o

Nispel's Dark Future

Been wondering what Texas Chainsaw Massacre redux helmer Marcus Nispel has been up to since his critically panned version of Frankenstein from a few years back? April 20th sees the release of his next

Art & Clips From Boll's Seed!

Why the hell is this guy smiling like he’s lining up for a class photo or something? Seriously, it looks like the art department behind Uwe Boll’s Seed aimed to get the least intimidating picture of t

Screenwriter Talks WWZ

Word come down from last weekend New York Comic Con (via IGN) that "Babylon 5" co-creator Michael will be writing the screenplay adaptation of Max Brook’s very well-received zombie book World War Z (review).

Warp X Needs Women

I’ve heard of low-budget production companies working to get their films funded in creative ways, but this is the first time I can recall that a low budgeter created them from scratch. Well not scratc

Bousman to Helm Scanners

In what has to be some of the strangest and yet coolest news I’ve ever woken up to, Variety got word this morning that Darren Lynn Bousman has climbed aboard the oft-delayed remake of David Cronenberg

Exclusive: First Look at Buffy Season 8!

Scroll down for some exclusive panels from the comic!

Making The S.S. Sexy

The countdown to April 6th is killing us. There's so much hype (much of which looks like it can deliver) that every little bit of new information makes us collectively drool. Today's news may not

The Horrors of SXSW

Heading out to Texas for the upcoming South by Southwest film festival? It runs the week before our own Fear Fest goes down (March 9-17 to be specific). It’s a good idea to do so because there will be

Fido Site Lives!

I’m not sure how or when we missed this, but I just saw that that the official site for the zombie comedy Fido has gone live, with a few chunks of undead goodies for you to chew on like a still galler

Cage Looking to be New Fly?

Man, why can’t Nicolas Cage just leave us alone? As if punching out girls while in a bear suit and screaming like a first year theater actor when the bees got in his eyes wasn't enough, now there’

Cabin Fever 2 Casting

Ti West is dusting off his director's chair and getting cameras rolling on the sequel to Eli Roth’s breakout hit, Cabin Fever, craftily title Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, and yesterday the B-D boys (w

Convict Scorpion Redux

If you haven't seen the Female Convict Scorpion films, well, then you haven't really lived. In particular, the first installment in the Toei-produced series stands as the undisputed king (or queen) of

Mystery of the Zodiac Curse

Curse of the Zodiac is one of those movies that I stumbled upon a DVD release listing for that aside from some DVD art, a brief synopsis, and the distribution company putting it out, there didn't seem