Shoreline Loves Bryan

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the upcoming indie cult movie Bryan Loves You since news of its production first hit our inbox. The problem with indie films, though, is you can talk about them for y

More Halloween Pics

Major stuff is going down over at the Halloween MySpace page, things of epic proportions! My god! The world will never be the same again! OK, so maybe not that huge, but believe me when I tell y

Exclusive Mad Clip!

Been itching to see Billy Zane fight the undead but just can’t wait for The Mad (review) to hit DVD on May 22nd? Can’t say I blame you. Sadly we can only provide you with less than a minute to s

Extinction Poster Confirmed

Though it’s actually been floating out there for a few days now, IGN got the official word today that what you see below (or will see, if you click it) is the teaser poster for Resident Evil: Ex

Lost Boys 2 Writer, Director Announced

Finally we know who’s going to be behind the upcoming direct-to-DVD sequel of Lost Boys! No more restless nights, no more epic fighting with my friends and family; the world is a better place no

Hawkes Set for Daybreakers

It’s about damn time we got some more news on the Spierig Brothers' next film (their first was the under-rated zombcom Undead), the futuristic vampire film Daybreakers. Seems the movie’s been ge

New MZ vs. AOD!

When we last saw Ash, he had been sucked into an alternate universe where the Marvel Super Heroes battle in the streets of New York City ... and it’s all perfectly normal. You’d think it would

The Swarm Fights Back

We’ve been fucking with our environment for so many years, how long do you really think it’s going to take for our environment to start fucking with us back? According to the best selling nov

A Visit to Joshua's Trailer

Kids. They're always trouble. Ya see, this is why I opt to have pets instead. Although there was that disturbing incident when I caught my cat cutting my brake line ... In any event Fox Sear

Craven Lets the Dogs Out!

Whatever happened to Michelle Rodriguez? One minute she's on Lost, and the next she's doing time in the slammer. Is she still in there? Apparently not since we got word of a new Wes Craven produ

Worst Bachelor Party Ever

You know what ruins a bachelor party even more than having the future wife show up, seeing what sort of shenanigans her future husband is up to, flying into a rage, and calling off the wedding?

Bullet With Your Name On It!

Will the vampire ever really die? Not when there are creators out there who see the potential for re-invention no matter how many times new life has been bled into them. We here at Dread Central

Date 4 Dead

When our resident gaming guru Plagiarize dished up the goods on the new zombie game Left 4 Dead (story here), everyone was excited! What could be better than getting online with three frien

Day of the Dumb?

I think that I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. You know, I am gettin' ridiculously tired of watching people cash in on the work of George A. Romero. It all kind of started with John (

Fright Channel Joins the Fray

Well, well, well. What have we here? It looks like there's a new entry in the race to get another horror channel on the airwaves -- The Fright Channel! According to Variety's online news pu