Messengers Clip

We’re still waiting on that all-important "early word" for some idea as to what to expect from The Pang Bros.' U.S. debut, The Messengers, which hits theaters February 2nd. The trailer actually looks

Elvira Back on TV!

Well, I’m officially no longer laughing. You might remember Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (aka Cassandra Peterson), announcing a few months back that she was working on a brand-new reality show in

Director Gives Kill Me Status

You may have heard the news the other day that production on I Know Who Killed Me, the new film from The Lost (review) director Chris Siverston, had to stop while lead actress Lindsay Lohan (pictured,

The Bay's New Collection

It used to be if you were asked to name one company putting out the best horror DVDs for genre fans' hard-earned cash, the name you’d hear more often than not would be Anchor Bay. Over the last few ye

Exclusive: First Look at Alphabet Killer Poster!

With filming having wrapped up last week, things are moving quickly on the next feature for Wrong Turn director Rob Schmidt, The Alphabet Killer. Proof of that showed up today when Dread Central g

Exclusive: I Am Legend Set Pics!

It is 7pm on January 23rd. The air is crisp as winter has set in. I'm at the South Street Seaport in New York City, where the usually serene landscape has just been over-run with citizens fleeing the island in terror. It seems a plaugue is ripping its way through the populace, turning ordinary humans into nocturnal, bloodthirsty creatures. Time to get the hell out of Manhattan.

Anderson Talks Castlevania

I thought I felt just a little more evil seep into the world recently. Turns out it was Paul W.S. Anderson (pictured) talking about his upcoming adaptation of the classic video game series Castlevania

Magnolia Hears The Signal

Magnolia really made a name for itself after scooping up the U.S. rights to The Host a few months back, and this year’s Sundance proved that the monster flick wasn’t just a one-off for the company whe

Full Specs for New Re-Animator!

Been wondering what kind of specs we’ll be seeing on the upcoming re-sexified Re-Animator DVD Anchor Bay has planned for a March 20th release date? So have we, friends, but today IGN got the answer. A

Remembering An American Werewolf

Jack wants to know; so you think you like An American Werewolf in London, do ya? Think you’re a big fan of the flick? I know I am and I have the tattoo(s) to prove it. But are you a big enough fan tha

Roman Finally Comes Home

Way back when we first reported on a new film being directed by May star Angela Bettis and starring May director Lucky McKee called Roman. The film was meant as a sort of companion piece to May with t

Academy Award Winner Guillermo del Toro?

Today is truly a great day for film fans everywhere; for once a film that touches on almost all genres, from horror to drama to fantasy, has gotten the recognition it deserves from those stuffy stuffs

Fox Atomic Comes to Texas

Been a while since we’ve updated you guys with what’s going on with Fear Fest, the first convention we’re officially helping make a reality along with the great folks over at Pit of Horror, so I thoug

Searchlight Finds Joshua

Fox Searchlight proved that they’re still in the game of getting new horror out there during last week’s Sundance with the purchase of almost wordwide rights to George Ratliff’s Joshua (no relation to

NC-17 No Longer Dirty?

In a move that probably would not have ever happened if it weren’t for movies like This Film is Not Yet Rated, which attempted to discover the truth behind the mysterious MPAA, Variety reports today t