Madsen Haunts Connecticut

Damn Connecticut. As if their super-rich residents and high-priced foofoo salons weren’t enough, now they have to have dark histories and supernatural events. Aren’t they ever satisfied?

Dickerson on Un-Dead

Well, it’s official; Ernest Dickerson is on board to bring the first Stoker estate-approved Dracula sequel to cinemas. Variety confirmed the news that’s been floating out there for a while now thi

Blackburne to Big Screen

It happens all the time; someone with a vivid imagination sits down to pen a story they think is brilliant but completely from their own brain, only to find out that they’ve uncovered a supernatural t

More Halloween at Fango Weekend!

A few days ago we told you about Rob Zombie appearing at Fango this weekend here. As if that weren't big enough, turns out he'll be bringing along some of Haddonfield's own! According to The

First Look at Wrong Turn 2

Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store. You know how it is; something gets your attention, and you just want more and more of it. Rarely do sequels to our favorite films deliver the goo

Grindhouse Honors Bob Clark

It was just one month and ten days ago when director Bob Clark was taken away from us, leaving behind many memorable films from not only the horror genre (Black Christmas) but also a beloved chi

UPDATED: New Texting Massacre!

UPDATED! Text pictures are up for Monster Mania May 07. Check back often for more. This weekend’s going to be a big one for horror fans on both coasts. Why, you ask? Because Dread Central will be a

Own Stuntman Mike's Sweet Ride

Fans of Grindhouse (review here) are in for a pleasant surprise today. While I was on my daily search for new Batman and Spider-Man costumes (because K6 looks good in tights), I came across a v

Horror DVDs of the Future!

The folks over at Davis DVD just got a massive amount of news regarding upcoming DVD street dates, most of which are likely subject to change. Just in cast, though, here’s what they say is coming in t

DVD Release List: Best & Worst

You'll be getting both when the following DVDs hit on May 15th, 2007... Bleeding Rose (2007) Directed by Kareem A Bland Well, the synopsis I found didn’t really make any sense, so I’ll try my b

First Look at Fearmakers!

We just told you about Timo Rose’s new film, Fearmakers, getting ready to shoot a few days back, and already we have your first look at the film! How cool are we? Very, that’s your answer. Any

Doomsday is a Wrap!

We got the official word over the weekend from a source close to production that filming on Neil Marshall’s third film, Doomsday, has officially wrapped! Now, of course, begins the long process of pos

More Halloweens Planned

Malcolm McDowell is following very well in the footsteps of his former countryman Donald Pleasence, having already signed up for three Halloween movies total should Rob Zombie’s re-imagining be as suc

Jurassic Park Eats Cortes

The great Gregory Conley of the Your Video Store Shelf just did a podcast with genre auteur Brian Trenchard-Smith, he the helmer of such notable B-movies as Stunt Rock, Turkey Shoot, BMX Bandits, Lepr

Trejo Ready for Machete to Roll

If you were Bob and/or Harvey Weinstein, would you really want to say no to Danny Trejo? Not if you knew what was good for you. Despite the flop of Grindhouse on this side of the ocean (it’s being