DVD Release List: Shiny New Pelts

Not much on the block for February 13th, 2007, but there's a lot more on its way... Bit Parts (2006) Directed by Dave Reda Hearkening back to the classic "bad surgery" movies of the 50’s, Bit P

**UPDATED!** Exclusive: New Meat Train Casting!

**Update: The boys over at Fangoria have confirmed the casting news!** Even though filming on Midnight Meat Train, Ryuhei Kitmura’s adaptation of the short story by Clive Barker, is set to begin in

Horror's Hallowed Grounds: Night of the Creeps!

It’s been a very, very long time since Sean Clark last turned in a Horror’s Hallowed Grounds; indeed there’s been an actual episode of the possible show filmed (look for it on the Halloween: 25 Years

Poster in the After Life

The folks over at the IMP Awards, by way of Worst Previews, got a look at the teaser poster for After.Life, the new horror outing about a girl (Kate Bosworth) caught between life and death who must fi

Find 23, Win a Wii!

We don’t normally encourage people to come up with connections to the number 23, something which The Foywonder did amazingly well in the latest Dinner for Fiends, but when a Ninetndo Wii is at stake,

Hopper to Drive Dolan's Cadillac?

It's weird to hear news on an adaptation of the Stephen King short story Dolan’s Cadillac finally getting back into the realm of production after so many years of silence, but I suppose it was bound t

Dimension Gets Inside

Dimension just doesn’t know when to stop and go “hey, maybe we should concentrate on the films we already have”, do they? At least that’s how it seems to me, but then perhaps it’s all part of a brilli

Mandy Lane Writer Sells Devil

Man, I sure love it when the virtual pages of Variety are filled with detail. Like all the information they have readily available for Jacob Forman’s latest script sale, Handsome Devil. That’s sar

Diamond Announces Zombie Line

The other day (specifically here) we were one of the first to show you the upcoming Zombie Spider Man statue Diamond Select has created, ripped from the pages of Marvel Zombies. Now that the U.S. Toy

Hercules vs. The Mud Monsters

In the upcoming Sci-Fi Channel original Something Beneath, a mud monster rises from the depths of a Shining-type hotel, terrorizing the guests with their own paranoia and revisiting the past and futur

Universal Horror for '08

The folks over at Coming Soon heard from the folks over at Universal, who sent out a press release letting the folks on the internets know about their massive upcoming film slate, so I thought I’d mak

Get Wild-Eyed With 70's TV Terror!

So I'm making my usual daily rounds on the Internet and happen upon an article on Fangoria today that filled me with lots of warm fuzzies. With all the movies - old and new, crap and not crap - gettin

Ready to Face Death?

Truly, I don’t think anyone is ready for this, but then the world is full of weird people these days, most of which hopefully read this site, so we’re going to share it with you anyway. The eagle-

Full-on Hills 2 Trailer!

Yesterday we got a lot of pics; today we got the trailer. Well, we didn’t exactly, but the folks at Yahoo! Movies did, and we’re telling you about it, so there! The trailer I refer to is for The Hills

Another 28 Days

We recently heard from the UK that a limited edition of 28 Days Later was on its way, but don’t fret; it looks like we in the US won’t be left behind in the double dip department. Due out May 1st,