New Bryan Loves You Trailer

Now that Shoreline Entertainment has scooped the sales rights for Bryan Loves You up, it's time to see how many more people can be asked to wear those creepy-ass masks that are the centerpoint of the

First Deals for Embodiment of Evil!

Well, here’s some unexpectedly good news on its way out of Cannes! Variety announced that Fox has picked up the rights to Embodiment of Evil, the long-awaited new Coffin Joe film that we’ve been te

Davis Talks Production Deal

Just the other day we told you about a production deal being signed by Mitch Davis (pictured), programmer for the Fantasia Film Festival (read it here). The deal allows Davis to work with Blumhouse Pr

Hostel Girls

The girls in Hostel Part II have issues; problems that I’m not sure are even fixable with today’s advances in modern psychology. Maybe that’s what you’re into, though ... sicko. If so, check out a ton

Another Undead Superhero

First we had an undead Spider Man, then the Hulk got all rotten on us, but who ever thought that Colonel America, the man who lived to defend our country from the worst kind of enemies, would want to

Samurai Zombies!

Some new info has come down via Variety Asia Online regarding a new horror film being produced by Versus and Midnight Meat Train director Ryuhei Kitamura. The film is called Yoroi and will mark the di

Zombie Explains Halloween

Those of you who were in attendance at this weekend’s Weekend of Horrors in Burbank more than likely got to hear Rob Zombie discuss his reasons for remaking Halloween, but apparently he wasn’t happy w

Jericho Lionsaults to Albino Farm

"Albino Farm" is said to have been an abandoned farm tucked away deep in the hills of the Ozark Mountains where it was used in the late 19th century as an internment camp for people deemed undesirable due to their physical and genetic deformities. Ignorance, isolationist beliefs, and good ol' religious intolerance supposedly led many folks in the Southwest Missouri region at the time to lock these physically abnormal people up to fend for themselves.

First Autopsy Pics

How odd is it that we have two stories in a row about projects Adam Gierasch is involved with (the other is here) so close to Cannes? Not really that odd at all, so don’t look too much into it. Th

Third Mother Debut Set

All right, now we know when the world will finally get the chance to see Dario Argento’s final film in his Three Mothers trilogy, which began with Suspiria and continued with Inferno. Now we just have

Cannes Weekend Round-Up

There was a bit of a slump yesterday but over at the Cannes Film Festival section of Variety news has been coming fast and furious today. We could run a single story for each film, but today's events

Clive Barker: The Drought Is Over

During Clive Barker's panel today at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors he made it clear that the drought is over. His absence from the horror genre is soon coming to an end with the revelation that Barker

Masters Season 3 Is Confirmed

The weekend has been semi-slow even with Cannes going on. Then out of of the blue a hail storm of horror news started. Not only were things going down at Cannes, but at Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors t

Seed Sprouts A New Poster

Uwe Boll has a lot of stuff sitting in the pipe line right now. Some may say he needs to be stopped, but I think we need to stand behind him. Boll may make very bad films, however, look at the other o

Exclusive: Last House On Dead End Street 2

We just got exclusive word from Toe Tag Production's Fred Vogel that The Last House On Dead End Street (AKA The Fun House) is not being remade, in fact it is being given a sequel! The original film