First Pic of New Myers!

Here’s a neat little treat to make your day of rest that much more restful. Maybe ... Zombie just posted the first look at the young Michael Myers, looking appropriately menacing, and the big Michael

Promo Art With Some Bite

Ryan Rotten seems to be working a little overtime tonight! Just a few minutes after scoring Fango the first look at one of the posters for The Tripper, he now busts out the promo art for James Isaac

NYCC Exclusive: New Hostel Part II Poster

New York Comic Con rolled into Day Two today, jam packed with horror goodness for fans in attendance. Eli Roth, Heather Matarazzo and Roger Bart hit the stage to hype Hostel Part II to a crowd of exc

NYCC: Brief Bouts of Hostel-ity

Butane just called in with a summary of three exclusive scenes shown at the New York Comic Con from Eli Roth's upcoming Hostel Part II. The first consisted of two men jogging and having, you know,

NYCC: The Hills Have Impressions

So I just get home from seeing The Number 23 (review) (I will be sure to give you at least 23 reasons why you should avoid this film like a scorching case of herpes when I write the DVD review), and

Ants on an Airline!

If you thought all the (Blank) on a Plane silliness had finally come to an end - think again, bucko! Here comes Swarm, which could also be called Ants on a Plane! And they're not just any kind of a

A Chilly Wind Blows

Now that the Christmas season is over, we can get back to snow being an evil menace rather than a joyful sign that Saint Nick is going to be stalking your children with a large sack of toys in tow.

Bury the Hatchet in NYC

What is it about teens getting stuck in deserted patches of land that makes good horror movies? Adam Green's upcoming Hatchet looks to be delivering the goods without watering down everything with PG-

Blood Sucking Junkies

Since you've all been good ghouls today, I've decided to treat you to a surprise. I can sense the anticipation building. What could it be? Renegade Films has added a new film, Night Junkies, to the

Housing The Pain

The road to getting your artistic vision realized on the big or small screen can be rough. Writer, director and producer Mike West knows this and is working hard to make House of Pain something real.

Get Slayed this Weekend!

Among the endless rows of comic and toy companies attending New York Comic Con this weekend will be our friends at Diamond Select! Why should you care? Well, besides the fact that they'll be displ

Orville Wants A Wife

Sometimes it is hard to get a woman to marry you. To be honest, sometimes it is difficult to get a woman period. The solution is easy: Trap 'em, torture 'em and cut off their limbs if they don't abide

Hitchcock Haunts The Silver Screen

Each Friday night when I was a kid, my folks would lock me in a room with a television while they tried to regain the youth I was sucking out of them. On this tiny black & white set I was sure to catc

Develope a Taste for Necrophobia

The last time I was at a haunted house, there was a mishap. A homeless man snuck into the attraction and was doing the most horrifying thing: begging for money! My god! The horror!!! Don't think it

After Dark Joins The Tribe

The key phrase here is "humanoid creatures". Though the new film just acquired by AfterDark Films, The Tribe, is about 20-somethings in peril (yawn), the reason they’re in peril is humanoid creatures