New Hostel Clip

Eli Roth better deliver. While the first Hostel film wasn't perfect, it did hold a certain kind of entertainment value that buried many of the flaws. Lots of "oh shit" gore and morally void women can

Wage War with FangoTV!

Online programming is about to hit an all-time gore drenched high as FangoriaTV readies themselves to unleash the first ever online zombie episodic series, War of the Dead: Zero. The teaser episo

Giant Leeches to Suck Again

Canadian director Brett Kelly, maker of many a B-movie I freely admit to having never seen before, films such as the Bonesetter movies, My Dead Girlfriend, and the upcoming Kingdom of the Vampire, is teaming up with a B-movie scribe I am familiar with, Jeff O'Brien, scripter of last year's Insecticidal and Alien Incursion as well as director of an old fashioned rubbersuited monster movie I'm very much looking forward to seeing called Prey of t

Mr. Vernon Goes To Hollywood

We may all be heading out to Texas for Fear Fest this weekend, but don't think we'd leave you empty-handed. Those of you who are in the Hollywood area of California tomorrow will be privy to a special

Borderland Trailer & Pics Gallore!

I don’t know about you, but my threshold for fucked up shit is pretty broad to say the least. Finding out there was a gay cannibal living in the suburbs of Wisconsin? Didn’t really surprise me much. F

First Reactions to 28 Weeks Later!

UPDATED! Full 28 Weeks Later review is now available! If you’ve had the misfortune of stepping into a movie theater over the past three months, you’re probably feeling pretty down on the current

New Living and the Dead Trailer

All right, everyone’s been raving about The Living and the Dead since it premiered at International Film Festival Rotterdam last year; indeed our own Evil Andy enjoyed it quite a bit when he caught it

First Amusing Photos

Now this is just funny. Not funny ha-ha, not funny ironic but funny… you know, funny. Fangoria got their hands on some exclusive first pics from John Simpson’s Amusement, a teaser of one you can s

Final Fear Fest Schedule!

All right, kiddies, the first ever Fear Fest convention, co-sponsored by Pit of Horror and Dread Central, is upon us! Doors open on Friday, March 23rd at 6pm and the madness continues through till Sun

Rise Pics, Footage Found

Though there is still no solid release date for it yet, the Ghost House Pictures film Rise is getting ready to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival; hopefully those who attend can see it and help us und

Earth Vs. The Transmorphers!

I freely admit that this falls into the category of sci-fi and not horror, but, hey, we've done news and reviews for this site in the past for films that involved killer robots. Besides, it's just too

See Award-Winning Host Free!

Well, The Host sure is doing well outside of the US, where it got a decent release instead of just an arthouse run (don’t think I’m complaining; it’s better than nothing) and it was announced via the trades today that the film picked up a total of 4 Asian Film Awards at the recent inaugural event.

New Line Goes to War

New Line is just grabbing all sorts of cool properties all of a sudden, aren’t they? The other day it was announced they’d be behind the proposed remake of John Carpenter’s Escape From New York, today

New Hostel II Clip, Roth Blogs

You can tell things are winding down for Hostel: Part II because director Eli Roth is slowly making his way back online again. Usually the guy is updating his MySpace page on a regular basis but for s

A Snake Prequel?

Being a writer myself, for my money there’s nothing like reading a really good interview conducted by someone who you can tell is not only a fan of their subject, but does his or her research beforeha