Exclusive Look at 28 Days Graphic Novel!

Next week will see the first release from Fox Atomic Comics, the graphic novel 28 Days Later: The Aftermath which was written by the one and only Steve Niles (creator of Cal McDonald and 30 Days of Ni

Dead Air Cast Expands

Bill Moseley and Pat Tallman will be getting some new company on their latest team-up, Dead Air, which we first told you about right here. Recent additions to the cast include David Moscow (young Tom Hanks in Big), Navid Negahban (Charlie Wilson’s War) and Anthony Ray Parker, aka Dozer from The Matrix (pictured).

Severence Site, Trailer Online

For whatever reason Magnolia has decided to shift the date of its release of Christopher (Creep) Smith’s horror/comedy Severance from April to May 18th but if the word on the street is accurate (I sti

Returning to Sleepaway Camp

I know, news on Return to Sleepaway Camp isn’t exactly the most exciting nor sought after, but it’s been such a long time coming it almost seems like we really couldn’t be a horror site if it didn't m

Serkis Heads to The Cottage

Word came down via the trades this morning that Andy Serkis, known to many as the man who helped bring Gollum and King Kong to life through his motion capture work, is set to star in a black horror/co

Exclusive Clip from Bottom Feeder!

When the nice folks over at Genius Products offered up an exclusive clip from the new Tom Sizemore vehicle, Bottom Feeder (DVD review), with a title like that and a star like Tom, how could we say no?

Exclusive Still from Jaws Doc!

Director Erik Hollander just dropped us a line with another update on The Shark is Still Working, the massive documentary he shot about the impact of Steven Spielberg’s shark opus Jaws that fans have

Anderson Clarifies Castlevania

Earlier this week we reported that Paul W.S. Anderson, famed director of such beloved genre classics as Alien Vs. Predator and Resident Evil, was off his directing gig on Castlevania, the video game a

Abandoned DVD Art, Date

When After Dark Films decided that Nacho Cerda’s feature-length deubt, The Abandoned (review) was worthy enough to get a solo release, I felt just a bit justified in loving it so damn much. Easily one

Win the Tripper Van!

The folks behind The Tripper, David Arquette’s directorial debut about a Ronald Reagan-obsessed serial killer cutting up hippies, have unveiled the latest and greatest poster art for the film, which i

First Look at NECA's New Myers!

With Halloween done and editing underway, you’d think perhaps we wouldn’t hear from Rob Zombie on the official Halloween MySpace page as much, would you? Well, you’d’ be wrong! Today Zombie dropped th

Transfusion Helmer Wolfs Out

It happens every few years, it seems. Someone out there decides its time to get back to basics and make a truly kick-ass werewolf movie again, sickened by what movies like Underworld and Blood & Choco

Mena's Back With Massacre

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Stevan Mena, director of the throwback horror film Malevolence (review) which Anchor Bay used as their first theatrical release before it’s big push on DVD. La

Fear Fest on Fearnet!

Well, our first convention teamed with Pit of Horror is behind us and I think it went pretty damn smooth. No exploding hookers, no blood-filled elevators and a minimum amount of sexual regrets came ou

New Fido Poster

Those freaky, daylight-fearing cannibals over at CHUD managed to score the first look at a new poster for the zombie comedy Fido, which as you may be aware shambles into theaters on June 15th courtesy