Don't be Left for Dead

A lot of people are big fans of Albert (Cyborg) Pyun and have been anxiously awaiting his next big genre film. According to today's story on Twitch, that moment will be arriving shortly. Pyun's late

28 Weeks Trailer Now Live!

Our buddies over at Fox Atomic have been promising us some news about 28 Weeks Later for days now, and the latest update just arrived. 15 Seconds of the new trailer is premiering on the FA site today

Butler Plans His Escape

I really don’t know how to feel about this one. Escape From New York is one of my favorite movies of all time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which has to do with Kurt Russell being the con

Some Hostel New Stills

Our German brothers in horror over at Blair Witch.de managed to snag a few new stills from the upcoming horror sequel Hostel Part II, directed by eminent horror maestro Eli Roth, who's never experienc

Trailer & Pic for Tales From the Dead!

We got an e-mail today from an LA-based filmmaker telling us about his first feature film. This is not a rare occurrence by any stretch of the imagination, so you can imagine that it takes something s

Killer of Sodom

Wow. Now this looks, um, interesting... ElevenArts has posted the official U.S. site and trailer for screenwriter Hiroshi (Ring) Takahashi's directorial debut, Sodom the Killer. Here's the synopsi

Englund on Pad

A few days back we did a story linking to an online Playboy interview with the once and future Freddy, Robert Englund (read it here if you’re curious). Though a lot of info was covered, I found it odd

Hitcher Art & Specs

It sure didn’t set the box office world on fire, but I think the Rogue release of The Hitcher remake (review) did all right for a modestly budgeted horror flick. I’m sure they plan on making most of t

Kane & Temple at Fear Fest!

We’re less than two weeks away from Fear Fest, our first co-sponsored convention (alongside the fantastic folks at Pit of Horror), and we’re still not done adding guests! Two more have just signed

DVD Release List: Bloody Sublime

Served to you on a bloody platter come March 13th, 2007 shall be... Blood Trails (2006) Directed by Robert Krause Ladies, pay attention. Even though a one-night stand might seem like a good ide

Machete Comes Home?

As South by Southwest rolls on in Austin, TX, the first bit of rumor surrounding future Grindhouse-related projects has begun, though this is one we can take some stock in as it comes from the mouth o

Schumacher Talks Town Creek

Though I really didn’t dig on The Number 23 too much (check my review of it here), it was nice to see director Joel Schumacher try to do something a bit different, even if he did get sidetracked along the way and it turned into a standard whodunit.

Bibb & Trio on the Train

Variety has finally gotten the official word on new casting for Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat Train, though all they’re doing is re-confirming the news we originally posted about the casting here.

Zane Gets Mad

I really thought the "Tales From the Crypt" film series would do well considering its first entry, Demon Knight, was a really fun movie. I also thought there would be a very good genre career for star

Full Look at Sideshow's New Ash!

There’ve been more than one attempt to re-create the very distinct features of Bruce Campbell as Ash from the Evil Dead films over the years, starting with McFarlane’s 7” action figure from many years