The Big G in 3-D!

As one of Godzilla's biggest fans, I'm happy to pass along some news provided to us today by our loyal reader James. According to a press release posted on the Kerner Optical Research and Developmen

Picture Cult Classics 6

Badass! NECA just posted the first image of its entire lineup for Cult Classics 6. Best lineup yet? Hard to tell, but those two Lost Boys vampires are sure edging it close to the top! Check it out bel

Grizzly Park Trailer!

A while back you may remember a story or two we did about a new giant bear on the loose movie called Grizzly Park (we last told you about it right here). It’s significant both because no one really ma

Final Call for Toronto After Dark!

If you’re an indie filmmaker and have not submitted your film to the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, you better get your ass in gear. This is the final week to have your movie considered for ent

Halloween PG-13? Nope!

So because both Grindhouse and Hostel Part II didn’t make the kind of hand-over-fist money that was expected, could Dimension really be asking Rob Zombie to recut Halloween to PG-13? And would Rob eve

Platinum Salvages Half to Death Concept

Film Jerk got word that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, which started off strong but has been pretty much nothing but a disappointment since the first Chainsaw remake, has added another "original" scrip

Kane to Pen Historian Script

Though I hope it’ll be more exciting than the book reportedly was, I’m still not sure why Sony was so eager to buy up the movie rights to Elizabeth Kostova’s first novel, The Historian (review), but a

Are You the Next Elvira?

Do you have the wit and the tit to be the next Mistress of the Dark? Original "Elvira" Cassandra Peterson is looking for an understudy with her new show set to premiere on the Fox Reality Channel on O

RKO Teams With Twisted

Very cool news came down today via Variety about a whole bunch of new horror remakes we now get to look forward to, coming from some of the best in the business! The trade is reporting that RKO Pic

You Will Click On This Story

Horror T-shirts are what you need. You must consume. Plain clothes are for mamma's boys. You need Horror T-shirts. Do not dress like a little bitch. The cooler kids wear black. We will not ta

Precinct 13 Rocks!

With Father's Day right around the corner, it got me thinking. You know what would be fucking cool? Having Robert Kurtzman as a dad! Just think of the possibilities -- Don't feel like going to scho

Exorcise The Sorcerers

Spanish horror is a strange beast. Decades ago you could slap a few nude women and a couple of zombies, vampires or witches in a flick, and it would be an instant classic. Whatever happened to those d

Prepare to Enter ... Nightmare Alley!

It’s amazing what you can find just by spending some time on a message board. Ours, especially! Seems we have some kind of sexy cool magnet for attracting talented, motivated horror freaks, which

First Repo! Casting

Oh hell yes. Ask anyone who's spoken to me since the project was first announced, and they’ll tell you I cannot wait for Darren Lynn Bousman’s rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera; for some reason

NECA's New Billy

Yeah, that’s right; we’re not done barraging you with NECA updates yet, so just deal with it! Actually this time it’s Randy’s fault, as he just update the NECA MySpace page with the first look at t