New Mini Zombies!

Diamond Select just announced yet another exclusive for this years upcoming San Diego Comic Con; another form mini form of terror for the ever-popular Marvel Zombies. This time out they’ll be rele

Nakata, Ichise Get Inhuman

Fans of J-horror rejoice! Hideo Nakata (The Ring) is coming back to our shores with a brand-new, seemingly ghost-free horror tale, and he’s reteaming with J-horror producing giant Takashi Ichise (The Grudge) to make it happen.

No Stoppin the 'Squatch

Though new (alleged) footage of the Loch Ness Monster has been making the rounds on the TV news shows this past week, Bigfoot continues to reign as the king cryptid of the B-movie genre. Yes, ladies a

I Scream Man Creator Talks!

One of my biggest fears when I heard that someone was making a movie called I Scream Man was that, somewhere out there, someone saw the untapped potential in Clint Howard’s Ice Cream Man and decided they would take up the gauntlet and do it right.

Demonlogy of Desire Trailer!

The kind and giving folks over at Rue Morgue Cinema just dropped us a line with the word that the trailer for Rodrigo Gudino’s follow-up short to "The Eyes of Edward James" (review), "The Demonlogy of Desire", is now ready for viewing. So of course we had to scoop it up and throw it in our Broadband section; that’s just how we roll.

First Pics From New Horror!

Man, the folks at Twitch Film got their hands on some very sexy batches of sexiness today!

Big Plans for Trailer Park

Seems like no one making horror films these days can be happy with just one movie; everyone wants to make a franchise, a series, a massive, sprawling enterprise of terror. Gotta love it! Such i

Nicholson Rolls Gutterballs

We first got word of Ryan (Live Feed) Nicholson’s latest film, Gutterballs, when the man was hanging out at Fear Fest. At the time nothing was solidified but it looks like that’s changed, as Fangoria

SF Gets Another Hole in the Head

Into its 4th year, San Francisco's Another Hole In The Head film festival brings the Bay Area yet another two weeks of some of the most insane programming ever running June 1st through the 14th at the

McLean Status Report

Where the hell is Rogue, the giant croc movie from Wolf Creek helmer Greg McLean? Sure Primeval came out and stunk up the box office, but why does that mean we have to be deprived of what I’m sure is a much better, albeit simalarly themed, movie now? Oh, right ... The Weinsteins.

New Hostel II Clips

Dying for some more Hostel Part II before its release next Friday? I guess I don’t blame you, though how a movie could be hyped online even more I don’t even want to ponder. Good news, then; both Ya

Zooey is Happening

After searching for just the right face and attitude, Variety reports that the decision of who will star opposite Mark Wahlberg in M. Night Shyamalan’s first R-rated feature, The Happening, has been m

20 Million Miles to DVD

Every now and then news comes across my desk that just makes my black heart just start racing. This is that type of news. We can all throw away our near bare bones DVD release of the Ray Harryhaus

Please Kill Me Now. Thanks, I'll Wait.

As further proof that there is no God, it has come to my attention that Taurus Entertainment, the creators of such second rate drivel as Day of the Dead 2: Contagium (review here) and Creepshow 3 (rev

Worst DVD Cover Ever?

Could it be? I mean really, did Universal even try when they were coming up with this cover art? IGN got a look at the cover art for the July 10th release of James Wan’s Dead Silence (review), and