Last Horror Pulled From UK

Now this is scary, real-life scary and worrisome in regard to how future films like this might be treated. A rep from Jinga Films, the production/distro house run by Julian Richards, just sent out

New Stendhal Disc Due!

I’ve not had a chance to listen to it yet, but a reader by the name of Joe just dropped us a line with a heads up about the latest interview over on Dead Pit Radio, the second half of a chat with lege

Girl Next Door Site Live

The folks over at Twitch Film got word that the official site for the first adaptation of Jack Ketchum’s infamous novel, The Girl Next Door (book review), is finally open for business with some pretty

Jaws Doc Needs Your Help!

A while back we told you about a new documentary being filmed independently from Universal that was all about the 1975 classic Jaws called The Shark is Still Working. It promised to be the most in-dep

Halloween in Front of Grindhouse?

So Rob Zombie’s been updating the official Halloween MySpace page like a man possessed this weekend, and thankfully none of it is about what obscure actor he’s just cast for a glorified cameo. Fir

Genius Goes Mad for Zombies

The folks at Genius Products informed us today that The Mad, the new zombie flick starring Billy Zane that we last told you about right here, is being released direct to DVD on May 22nd. Genius promi

Exclusive: Hills 2 Pre-Review

Deep in the bowels of New York Comic Con, I met a fan of Dread Central who, like most of the people we meet at events, was very enthusiastic about the horror genre. Within 10 minutes of talking I dis

Exclusive: Dead Silence Comes to Beantown

Last night was a good night for one 19-year-old Boston resident. Of all the entries submitted to the Dead Silence contest that offered a screening of the movie in the winner’s hometown, he was the one

Meat Train to LA

Though I understand the reasoning, this is just insane, methinks. Phil & Sarah, the twisted minds behind Clive Barker’s official site, chatted with the man recently about the status of his various

Exclusive Chat With Mick Garris!

Okay, so the New York Comic Con was a few weeks ago, so I’m sorry it took so long to get this done. Editing is time-consuming, believe it or not! Anyway, during the convention I got the chance to s

Grindhouse Too Hard for R?

A story showed up over on the Page 6 section of the New York Post’s site that just makes me laugh. It’s a story about how basically there’s no way for Grindhouse to find its way into theaters with

Sin-Eating Sand Golem Cometh

What is it about dusty back roads, decrepit old houses in the middle of nowhere, and ghost towns that beckons to groups of twenty-somethings on a weekend excursion? How many horror movie characters un

Aja Bites Into Piranha

The rumor’s been knocking about online for a few days now, but I guess since it’s in a trade paper, that must mean it’s official, right?

New Line Plans New Escape

New Line Cinema will be the driving force behind the planned remake of John Carpenter’s 1981 classic Escape From New York, having won the bidding war that was going on among multiple studios that want

Exclusive Look at Gudino's Demonology!

Ever since I got the chance to see former Rue Morgue Editor in Chief Rodrigo Gudino's debut short film, "The Eyes of Edward James" (review), I’ve been very anxious to find out what else he’s got up hi