Pics From Bullets Trailer

Yesterday we showed you the really cool trailer made for the new vampire graphic novel 13 Bullets (review). In it, you get to watch actor Derek Mears get made up like the kind of bloodsucker you’ll fi

RIP: Daniel Robert Epstein

I got some very sad news today that’s been spreading out on the Web about a friend who passed away at a very young age this morning: Daniel Robert Epstein. The name may not mean much, but if you’ve

Trinity Blood in PVC

Anime is flooding American pop culture nowadays, but is there at least a trickle of blood for the horror fan among these wide eyed toons? Oh HELL yes; Trinity Blood is a tale of vampires, religion, t

Nala Gets Rudy

Some good news has come down via Variety for a guy whom we consider one of our own, Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film (review) producer Rudy Scalese. The trade reported this m

Crowley to Cleave Canada

Director Adam Green announced today via his MySpace blog that fans in Canada will finally get their chance to sample some good old-school American horror as Hatchet (review here) is set to take the s

New Argento Art, Specs

DVD Active got its hands on the full specs and cover art for the four new Dario Argento releases coming our way from Blue Underground. Actually, "new" isn’t the right word as two of them are re-iss

Tortured Update

So in case you didn’t notice, Hostel Part II didn’t do so well this weekend. I could go into my usual rant about how horror just doesn’t do well in summer and when the hell is anyone going to learn th

13 Bullets Trailer!

It’s not often you hear about trailers for books. In fact I can only think of a few occasions when it’s happened, and they pretty much sucked, but in this case the creators of 13 Bullets (review), the

A New Invasion Comes Home

Thanks for the nice surprise today, MGM! DVD Active got the first word and art (on your right) about a new two-disc collector’s edition of Phillip Kaufman’s adaptation of Invasion of the Body Snatcher

New Whisper Info

Wow, remember the movie Whisper? We’ve done a story on it here and there over the years, but more often than not it’s just been sitting in the vault at Gold Circle Films, apparently, while they’re uns

Weisz Up for Lovely Bones

Now that I’ve read the book, I can tell you irrefutably that it’s not horror, but we’re still talking about a Peter Jackson film here so it’s hard to ignore.

Tons of New Mother of Tears Pics!

Oh my GOD. This is just sick. Seriously. Something is wrong with Dario Argento and I love it! Fangoria got word today about a whole slew of new stills from Argento’s latest gore-soaked epic (I kne

NECA Resident Evil Update

Not long ago we brought you pictures of the NECA displays live from the floor of the New York International Toyfair 07. Now NECA sends over an update on their Resident Evil Anniversary Series 2 line.

More Zombie Wolverine

Last week Diamond Select included a teaser shot of their new Zombie Wolverine statue, only the second Marvel Zombie statue to date. Now we get to update you with the high-res of Zombie Wolverine look

First Info on Dead of Winter!

The other day I dropped a line to Russ Terlecki, one of the producers behind Rob (Wrong Turn) Schmidt’s latest film, The Alphabet Killer, just to see how things were going. Apparently editing is under