Bloody Tears Trailer

Indie filmmaker Marcus Koch just posted a new trailer for 100 Tears, his gore-soaked new horror film about a killer clown with a very, very large knife. The story follows two journalists on the tr

Exclusive: New Dimension For Job

One last cool exclusive we pulled from this weekend’s Fear Fest, for which the photos are being processed as we speak (see some camera phone shots from it right here, though!). During the panel fo

Halloween Updates

While we were out enjoying the hell out of ourselves at Fear Fest, being irresponsible and not updating for you guys like you’re used to, even on the weekends, some pretty cool stuff went down for Rob

Exclusive: Anderson Off Castlevania!

You know a project is in trouble when Paul W.S. Anderson, a man who's spent almost his entire career turning potentially cool movies into steaming piles of pooh, leaves a film.

Roth Wants a Chaotic Cell

Eli Roth is out promoting again, though this time it’s actually not one of his own movies. He’s been chatting up Grindhouse all over the place, in which he has a small role and directed the faux trail

Pocahontas' Revenge

Pocahauntus... I repeat... Pocahauntus! That's the gimmicky title to a new low budget fright flick in the works. The title is so simplistically gimmicky that the more I think about it the mor

Behind the Grind

With all the hype that’s been surrounding the release of Grindhouse, from the early rumors that Tarantino had gone over budget to the casting changes and now the concern about whether or not audiences

28 Weeks Trailer!

After reading Andrew's impressions from seeing the first 28 minutes of the film (read it here), I'm even more exciting to see what Fox Atomic accomplished with 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to Danny Boyl

Rue Morgue Visits the Grindhouse

Those crazy canucks at Rue Morgue just sent on over a sneak peek at their next issue, #66, and it’s looking sleazy. In celebration of the release of Grindhouse on April 6th, Rue Morgue managed to

Blob Gets Acronym'd

A new remake of The Blob is just not the same without Shawnee Smith and now that she’s back in the limelight thanks to the Saw franchise, I hope she’s able to come back for the new one. Maybe that

April Wind Chill

I have to admit, I’ve not really heard a whole helluva lot about Wind Chill, which was made at least a year ago and is just now getting ready to come to the big screen thanks to Sony. While we were aw

Blood Rolls

The official site for the Korean Film Council is reporting that filming on Blood: The Last Vampire started back on March 15th with Ronnie (Freddy Vs. Jason) Yu still at the helm.

Plissken Prequel Confirmed

For those of you who freaked out over the thought of Escape From New York being remade, some news has come down from IGN that may help to ease your mind. The other day we reported on an interview i

Exclusive: Re-Animator Comes to Masters?

One of the biggest thrills for me at this weekend’s Fear Fest was meeting the one and only Barbara Crampton, likely best known to horror fans as Meg from Re-Animator. She was very nice, very genuine a

DVD Release List: Horror After Dark

Lots of good stuff on your DVD plate for March 27th, 2007... After Dark Horrorfest Directed by Various In lieu of listing all seven movies coming out as part of the After Dark Horrorfest set, I