New Release Date for The Signal!

I know we haven’t exactly been up on announcing stuff for the horror phenomenon The Signal, and for that I apologize. Maybe this will make up for it? We just got word that the release date for The

New Meat Train Pic!

Phil & Sarah, the two kickass folks who run the official Clive Barker Resource, just got a brand-new pic from the upcoming adaptation of Clive’s Midnight Meat Train, a tease of which you see to your right (click it for the whole thing).

Orphange Opens Sitges 07!

Man, feels like it was just yesterday we were salivating over the 2006 lineup for Sitges, and already we’re staring down the barrel of the first announcements for 2007. So far it sounds like it’s goin

Abrams Has a Big Monster

There are just no secrets in Hollywood anymore. I remember a day when you didn’t know jack or shit about a movie until the first time you saw a trailer for it in front of something else; now we know a

*UPDATE* Brand New Cujo

**UPDATE: Davis DVD initally said this would be a fullscreen transfer; Lionsgate has clarified it is not; it will be widescreen!** It’s weird which King movies seem to get more attention than other

Manhunt 2 for Adults Only

Following the news from the other day of the UK and Ireland refusing classification of Manhunt 2 (read it here) comes the news from Game Politics that in the United States the game has been slapped wi

New Imago Mortis Images

Yes, it’s great that Richard Stanley stepped in and did a re-write on the script for Imago Mortis, the co-production from PixStar and Medusa Films that we last told you about here. In fact, if it weren’t for that element, this may have gone completely under our radar, despite the fact that Stefano Bessoni is helming it.

Horror at Splatter Beach

I'm so torn on this one. On the one hand, me likey gill-man movies! On the other hand, this gill-man movie was made by Mark & John Polonia, the brotherly duo whom I vowed to never watch a movie by aga

Loads of Halloween Discs!

DVD Drive-In scored some major news today from both MGM and Fox, who have a great amount of Halloween digital goodness being readied for the all-consuming consumer (that’s you!). Check out MGM’s Midni

Monster Squad DVD Trailer!

Lionsgate is serious about the release of The Monster Squad this coming July 24th, even if they did screw up a bit on the artwork for it. To prove that, they even put together their own trailer for th

Eyeborgs Gets Highlander

I just got an update from director Richard (Python) Clabaugh regarding the production of Eyeborgs, which I previously reported on back in early March (read it here). Though the project started out

Help The Devil Get His Fork!

We do our best here at Dread Central to embrace the indie film scene. The movies may be hit or miss, but you have to start somewhere. Those who are able to pick themselves up after bad reviews of thei

Shocker's SDCC Exclusive!

Shocker Toys sent over word on their exclusive figures you'll be able to snap up at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con. From Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup come the Metalocalypse Nathan Explosion a

Exclusive: Jean Rollin at Fantasia!

Following up yesterday’s first look at some of the horror films that will be playing this year’s Fantasia (read it here), we got an e-mail today with some very cool exclusive news for you guys! Fes

Masters Bleed Blu

Starz Home Entertainment announced yesterday that it would be exclusively supporting Blu-Ray in the HD format wars and will be entering the market late this year with its debut releases: Season 1 of M