Broken, Zombie Diaries to R2 DVD!

UK-based Revolver Entertainment seems to be moving ahead of the pack in terms of its recent pick-ups for DVD release of both The Zombie Diaries and Adam Mason’s Broken for Region 2 release. Broken

Corgi Gets Igor Toys

Ever heard of a toy company called Corgi International? The name doesn’t grab me either, but apparently they hold collectible rights for things like Batman, Harry Potter, and "Star Trek" and have now added the upcoming animated monster movie Igor to their roster.

Skipp & Spector's Animals Gets Filmed!

Holy. Shit. A Skipp & Spector book is making it to celluloid! Skipp & Spector fans, take note; the first adaptation of one of the splatterpunk duo’s books, the werewolf tale Animals, begins product

Dark Castle Goes Premiere

Not that it will come as any surprise if you’ve been following Dark Castle at all, but today Joel Silver’s little genre branding entity signed a multi-year deal with Warner Premiere to produce a few d

China Delivers Skin

China just doesn’t make horror movies, anyone who follows the Asian market knows that, which is why when something does come out of the country and manages to scare people, like the recent Tribeca fli

The Karver Splatters Onto DVD

I gave The Pumpkin Karver a miss based just on the art you can see to your left. Something about it made the film look like it wasn't going to be all that great. Then there was a conflict in my brain

Help Make Urbane

We’ve been waiting years for short film maker Frazer Lee to finally find the funds to get his ambitious project, Urbane, up and running. Meanwhile, Uli Lommel gets as much money as he needs to churn o

First Look at Fantasia Lineup!

I’ve been waiting since last August for this moment: the first lineup news for this year’s Fantasia Film Festival! Fangoria, of course, got the word (editor Tony Timpone helps pick the movies), and here are just some of the 140 features and 200 shorts that will play between July 5th and July 23rd: Hatchet Sprial Perfect Creature The Tripper

Make Shadow Puppets in L.A.

The fine fiends at Anchor Bay just sent us a friendly reminder for our California readers (*throws up Wes' Coas' gangsign*) that Shadow Puppets (story here) will be getting an exclusive one-week thea

Midway Locates Area 51

Let's face it. Alien abduction? Anal probes? A convergence of overweight Star Trek fans dressed as Mr. Spock? Not pretty! Midway Games has released a peek at its upcoming sci-fi/horror shooter, Blac

Ulli Crosses the Borderline

Whoever runs Lionsgate's DVD department apparently has a special policy that requires the release of a new Ulli Lommel movie every month. I've been writing about the uber prolific Lommel and his n

UK Bans Second Manhunt

Sad news today for anyone in the UK who had been looking forward to Manhunt 2, the soon to be released sequel for the PS2 and Wii: The game is no longer going to be released in the UK. In a statem

Dinner for Fiends: Hostile

Welcome to another edition of Dinner for Fiends! But who really are the fiends? The speakers or the listeners? Ponder that for a moment. Anyway, this time out Uncle Creepy, Johnny Butane, Andrew Ka

From Werewolves to Wild Boars

What's with the sudden burgeoning subgenre of big killer hog movies that's beginning to crop up? Huge killer hogs seem to have become this year's killer Sasquatch. I've previously reported on the Hogz

Day of the Dead Re-Shot

Ah, yes, the Day of the Dead remake helmed by Lake Placid mastermind Steve Miner; sometimes, when it’s been a while since a movie was mentioned, I forget how much I’m not looking forward to it. Then s