Ice Spiders, Harpies ... Oh My!

As Mr. Butane told you in his recent story about this weekend's Sci-Fi Channel premiere of Lake Placid 2, I'm so dedicated to viewing and reviewing Sci-Fi Channel original movies that I'll drop

Tribeca Horror '07: Rise: Blood Hunter

With the Tribeca Film Festival gearing up in New York City, there's a lot more than spring in the hazy Tri-State air! This time it’s the living undead again. Or are they the unliving dead? Whate

Pan's Star is a New Daughter

The brilliant young actress Ivana Baquero (interview) of Pan’s Labyrinth fame is finally getting some new role choices, though likely this is a film that will be just as challenging as Pan’s was for her. For some reason I don’t see her growing up to become the lead in a romantic comedy...

Burning DVD Announced?

When Mike Felsher talks, horror fans listen. And when horror fans listen, they learn things. And when horror fans learn things, they’re ... umm ... smarter. Ahem. Anyway, Felsher, former Anc

The Night THEY Came Home

"Call me Legion for I am many..." I tell you what -- August 31st cannot get here soon enough! What's that? You don't know what's going on that day? Well, if you happen to be at a movie the

RIP Bobby "Boris" Pickett

Ryan Rotten at Shock Till You Drop just laid down some really bad news. The creator of the anthem of all horror fans, The Monster Mash, Bobby "Boris" Picket passed on in Los Angeles Wednesday

Getting Off on The Killing Floor?

Just when you thought they couldn't make another voyeur based slasher tale, word came down today that THINKfilm has acquired the North American distribution rights for the new psycho-stalking-ya f

McDowell Meets His Doom(sday)

And the casting news just keeps coming in for Neil Marshall's Doomsday (archive here)! Joining Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins will be the new Dr. Loomis himself, Malcolm McDowell. McDowell is se

Jack Valenti Dies at 85

Former head of the MPAA, Jack Valenti, died Thursday afternoon in Washington, DC. While not exactly a friend to the horror genre, Mr. Valenti will be remembered for his contributions to the

Huge Masters DVD Update!

Been waiting for more DVD news on the second season Masters of Horror episodes? Well, the wait is now over! If you haven’t been waiting, however ... we really can’t help you. Fangoria has lea

Enter the Carnivore!

I'm known around these parts as the guy with a knack for unearthing info about truly bizarre movies and then sharing that info with all of you. Today is no exception. I don't even remember how I

Bloody New Cabin Fever 2 Pics

Just a quick heads up, if you will... Fangoria just put up their own set report from Ti West’s Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever (read our teaser report from it here), and along with it some very b

Final Myers Figure

I can’t help it. The older I get, the more it seems I want to own every single horror toy that’s being made today. When I was a teenager, how I would have loved to have half the shit they come o

The Wisdom of Crocodile Directors

I know you’ve all cancelled whatever weekend plans you have to gather around the tube on Saturday night at 9pm to catch the SciFi Channel premiere of Lake Placid 2 (which we last told you about

Fango's New Horror Weekend

Wow, another good reason to be on the West Coast. Just what I needed! Fangoria threw out their final press release for the upcoming Burbank Weekend of Horrors, going down this May 18-20th, in