Stuck Trailer!

As with seemingly all films Stuart Gordon directs, it just seems to take forever to dig up any info about them. His latest, Stuck, is no exception. But man, so far it's always been well worth the wait

Dead Air is Live!

Just got a heads up from the producers of Dead Air, the Corbin Bernson-helmed horror flick about a pair of DJs trying to warn their listening audience about a zombie outbreak in LA, that the film’s official site is now online.

Take Billy Home For A Game

Our friends from NECA sent over word on a pumped up version of their tiny little Billy puppet from the Cult Classics Jigsaw action figure. Now 12 inches tall (but no telling how wide this sucker will

Welcome to Dreadtime Stories!

Back in 1981 a book came out by some young upstart horror author named Jack Ketchum. To say it took the literary world by storm may sound like hyperbole, but in fact that is almost exactly what happen

DVD Release List: Behind the Silence

Here's your bloody digital offerings for Tuesday, June 26th, 2007... Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) Directed by Scott Glosserman It’s about damn time! If you missed the film

Clive Talks B Gone, Gospels

My God, do they ever stop? Seems like Phil & Sarah over at Clive Barker’s official resource page are always digging up some new bit of news from the renaissance man. Today, for example, they’ve po

1408 Wins, R-Horror Loses?

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that 1408 (review) did pretty damn well this weekend, bringing in just over $20 million and winning the honor of being the highest-grossing movie based on a Stephen Kin

Bad Girls Become Lost

Nothing better than privileged girls having to fight for their lives in the Bahamas, I’ve always said. Cause you know, since they’re privileged they always are going to have the best bikinis. Yes, tha

Hero Meets the Reaper

Now that "Heroes" is all done for the year and everyone involved is sort of a hot new thing, it’ll be interesting to see who goes on to bigger and better things, and who pulls a Nicholas Brendan...

Party to Death!

Dread Central has just gotten word that work is complete on You're Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre, a short film starring our very own Joe Knetter as a weapon-wielding maniac stalking two chicks at a s

Mason's Broken Hits US

Dimension Extreme has finally started naming titles that will release on their recently announced DVD line, and today Home Media Magazine has the list in hand. Dead or Alive (chicks kicking ass; s

Boll Stays Alone in the Dark

Box office flop... Critical punching bag... Since when have those two things ever prevented a movie from getting a sequel? And when Uwe Boll is involved, anything is possible. The man is magic. We'

DVD Date for Believers!

Finally, Warner Bros has decided what to do with Daniel Myrick’s entry in their ongoing direct-to-DVD horror line Raw Feed, The Believers (review); release it on DVD! All right, so that’s pretty mu

Alligator Snaps To DVD

Somebody go fetch Bronson "Cousin Balki" Pinchot for me because after reading that Alligator is finally getting a decent DVD release, I suddenly feel the urge to do the dance of joy. Alligator is pro

*UPDATE* Predatorized Alien Fake

*Update* Sources close to the project have confirmed that the picture to the right is nothing more than a very well done fan made concept. Attention Fox ... Hire the person who created it IM