Christine Remake Update

There’s some new creep prowling the halls of Coming Soon who’s getting all sorts of good horror news lately. He must be stopped. This bipedal freak’s latest scoopage has to do with the long-discus

Pit & Pendulum Blog

As promised we have more info for you on the stop-motion animated adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Pit and the Pendulum, which was produced by master animator Ray Harryhausen and directed by "Celebrity Death Match" alum Marc Lougee.

Rave for Bump & Rage Comics

Fangoria Comics has been one of those entities sitting out there on the sidelines for months now with little being said about it other than a few press releases announcing new titles that I, for one, slavered over as soon as I heard about. Finally both Bump and Beneath the Valley of The Rage are getting some big-time attention from the mass market as it was featured in the latest issue of Preveiews.

Hobbin With the Goblins Again

Where is it written that just because a movie is considered by and large to be one of the worst movies of all time that there can't be a sequel? They made a House of the Dead 2, didn't they? Yes, they

A Longer Grindhouse?

If Quentin Tarantino has his way, we’ll be seeing a new Grindhouse (review) every year from now until he’s six feet under. At least that’s the impression that I get from how he’s been talking about it

Celebrate Thanksgiving NOW!

Eli Roth just announced via MySpace that the trailer he directed for Grindhouse (review here) has surfaced on the 'net. "I just found out that Dimension released 'Thanksgiving' online!" says Roth

Who Won the Hills 2 Axe?

A few weeks back we threw out a pretty badass contest from Fox Atomic where we were giving away an actual axe used in the filming of The Hills Have Eyes 2. Sure, the movie didn’t really set fans on fi

Fearnet Gets Raimi

Fearnet is getting ready to come into their own thanks to a deal signed with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures for two original series to debut on the Comcast On Demand channel according to Variety.

Dave Parker Returns!

Remember The Dead Hate the Living? It was a very low budget zombie movie from back in the day when such things were still cool, before everyone with a camcorder got theirs made and released by Lionsgate or some such nonsense. Ever wonder what happened to the film's director, Dave Parker?

NBX Back in 3-D?

In front of Meet the Robinsons this weekend, you'll find a trailer for Nightmare Before Christmas 3D, so it seems this will now be an annual event! I personally saw this twice in 2006, so you can bet

Patton in the Mirror

Alexandre Aja’s next project, Mirrors, a remake of the Korean film Into the Mirror, is getting ready to go in front of cameras soon and casting is underway. The Hollywood Reporter got word today t

Butane & Creepy's Fear Fest Report!

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL FEAR FEST PICTURE GALLERY! Nothing like the thrill of anticipation, you know? Yes, it's great when what you've been looking forward to for weeks, nay, months, is finally sta

Captivity Slapped Again

Man, After Dark Films are just not making any friends, are they? The other day we reported that, due to public outcry, the horror banner was being forced to take down ads for the May 18th release of C

Hills 2 DVD Date

"Last year the lucky ones died first. On March 23rd the lucky ones die fast." Having seen The Hills Have Eyes II I'd argue that the lucky ones were the people that didn't waste good money on that c

Wahlberg is Happening

Now this is some very fine news, indeed. The Hollywood Reporter has let it be known that Mark Whalberg has signed on to star in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, the latest and hopefully scariest of