New Resident Evil Trailers!

Well, we promised that you’d get some more information on the upcoming Resident Evil games heading to the Wii this week, and while information from Capcom’s "Gamer’s Day" event yesterday is under a pr

Fallon Joins 100 Feet!

As if Famke Janssen and Michael Pare weren’t enough, Eric Red just officially made sure that his return to directing, 100 Feet (last update here), will be a blockbuster. How did he assure th

On-Camera With John Landis!

You should all know by now that John Landis’ second-season entry for Masters of Horror, "Family" (review), is due out on DVD next Tuesday, April 20th. As fortune would have it I just so happened

Behold the TV Face

What in the hell is TV Face? What kind of title is that, anyway? It really evokes nothing as to what it would be about, unless of course it’s about a guy who has a TV for a face… Luckily that

Lomell's Manic for Mummies

By the time you finish reading this sentence I do believe Ulli Lommel will have made at least three new films. The man certainly is prolific. The no budget schlockmeister seems to keep churning

Buchler Awakens Frankenstein?

Those crazy folks over at Horrorboards are at it again, this time picking the brain of famed FX artist and all around nice guy John Carl Buechler. They sit down with him to discuss his work on e

We Want Your Shorts!

I’m not going to go into a whole lot of detail here since it’s all laid out pretty clearly in the press release I will be linking to so I'll just say this: If you’re an indie filmmaker, pay atte

Saw Blog Returns

"SAW IV is not a step backwards -- it's a leap forward..." So says its director Darren Lynn Bousman via his brand-spanking new blog over on Fearnet. Though it’s being pimped as a Saw IV blog

Follow The Tripper Tour!

I told you guys yesterday that you were just seeing the tip of the proverbial iceberg in regards to our coverage of The Tripper (visit their MySpace page), David Arquette’s directorial debut abo

Romero Screams for I Scream

Clint Howard may have made the role of The Ice Cream Man his own back in the day, but now filmmaker J.T. Mollner is attempting to create the ultimate ice cream-themed horror film. It’s calle

Halloween Questions Answered

By now, though we’ve tried to give you as much information as we could about Rob Zombie’s Halloween, you’ve probably still got a lot of questions about it. That’s fine, curiosity is the sign of

God of Vampires in LA!

It’s been a while since we heard from the guys behind the indie horror/action hybrid God of Vampires (review), mainly because they all have regular jobs, but they’ve also been hard at work getti

Fraser Official for Mummy 3

Not that it’s ever been in much question, but a little official information never hurts. Variety announced this morning that Brendan Fraser has just signed the deal to return to his role as Rick O’Connell in the upcoming Rob Cohen-helmed Mummy 3. A bit suprising is the word that Rachel Weisz, who played his wife Evelyn, will not be coming back on board. But then, she has other work lined up...

Death Note Prequel Helmer Revealed!

We're still anxiously awaiting news regarding a U.S. release of Shusuke Kaneko's two amazing Death Note (review) films, which pumped some much needed life back into the J-horror scene last year.

Split Grindhouse? Joe Lynch Retorts!

Ed note: You may not know the name Joe Lynch yet, but something tells me when Wrong Turn 2 comes out later this year you'll be wishing you did. Joe's been a friend of the site for a while now and has some very strong opinions about the Weinsteins' recent comments about possibly splitting up the Grindhouse movies in an attempt to recuoup their costs. We just had to get the man's voice out there cause damnit, he's right! Enjoy!