DVD Release List: Sharks!

Small list of odd films is what you'll find on Tuesday, July 10th, 2007... Brutal (2007) Directed by Ethan Wiley Ah, it’s the “how many covers can we rip off in one?” game. Gotcha. That’s a fun

Ferryman DVD Art

Well, the cover art is a bit terrible, but I guess one can’t blame First Look for trying to give the DVD for The Ferryman the creepiest look it can. Too bad it screams Lionsgate direct to video releas

Dying God Site, Trailer

Both the trailer and website for the low budget, high concept film Dying God are finally online, and believe it or not one is on top of the other. The site doesn’t have a ton of info on it yet but

First Look at Phantasm V?

No, not exactly, but it sure is a good sign! Don Coscarelli recently recorded a video tribute to the Alamo Drafthouse, the original of which is sadly closing it's doors, but before he gets to talking about the Drafthouse (and dies a horribly ironic way) he's watching something very interesting on the monitor. Check it out:

The Horrors of Fantasia 07: Day 1

It’s that time of the year again; Fantasia where we put our health, our sanity, our relationships and our livelihood, on the line to bring you, dedicated Dread Central reader, the up to the minute hap

Unholy Art, Specs

Finally, some art and specs for Anchor Bay’s September 4th release of Unholy on DVD, a film we’ve been tracking the progress of for years. The film is about a mother (Adrienne Barbeau) and son (Ni

Demons 2 Takes Toronto

Any of you luck bastards who are heading out to this year’s Festival of Fear up in Toronto might want to make sure you don’t make too many plans involving excessive drinking or drug taking, at least f

Co-Op Resident Evil?

The official Japanese Resident Evil site (or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan) has put up another trailer (see it here) that gives us a deeper look at the upcoming Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronic

Buy One Tartan, Get One Free!

Now this is pretty cool; almost a good enough reason to go to that most dreaded place of seemingly neverending torture; the mall. Tartan Films just announced that, starting today and going through

Exclusive: Cohen Comes Alive!

The American Museum of the Moving Image was invaded by a mutant baby and its proud papa last weekend, when it held an archival screening of Larry Cohen's 1974 monster-baby opus It's Alive, hosted by t

Lionsgate Curses Alcatraz

When I first came across the box art for Curse of Alcatraz over at DVD Empire my immediate reaction was, "Geez, not another Ulli Lommel movie." Then I read the plot synopsis and it dawned on me that n

Masters Goes to Alberta?

Here's some potentially good news for all of you waiting to see what the future holds for Masters of Horror which, when we last heard about it, was still hovering in a big cloud of uncertainty as to w

Cloverfield Cast, History

Here’s something for you New Yorkers to keep an eye out for; people running around with camcorders looking scared. Well, more scared than the average tourist finding themselves on the wrong block, tha

How Accurate is Death?

Variety had a story this morning about a brand-new horror/fantasy coming our way from NTV and Warner Bros. Japan called Shinigami no Seido which, when literally translated, means Accuracy of the God o