Grindhouse DVDs In July

Before I dig into this story, I'd like to know where the hell everyone was during Grindhouse's first weekend in theatres? Seriously, why isn't this movie #1? Is Are We Done Yet such a blockbuste

Barker Out of Movies

If there’s one thing Clive Barker’s been known for over the years it’s being the King of unrealized projects. Most of this likely has to do with forces completely out of his control, but I’m sur

Paquin, Moyer Wallow in Blood

There’s not a lot Anna Paquin (pictured) can do that I won’t follow her to. For some reason I’ve always had a huge crush on her, especially as the super damaged Rogue in the X-Men movies, and until she’s doing romantic comedies I’ll be keeping an eye on everything she does.

DVD Release List: Fear the Ball

Yellow blood leaks from every pore of the DVDs due out on April 10th, 2007... Beneath Still Waters (2005) Directed by Brian Yuzna Years ago, two boys vowed to go to their doomed town one

Solomon's New Zombie Order

Courtney Solomon, head of After Dark Films and director of last year’s successful An American Haunting, is ready to give fans a whole new take on zombies. Talking to the folks at Coming Soon

Grindhouse Under Performs

Well, Grindhouse (review) sure didn’t do what we were hoping for in terms of box office money, but that’s almost par for the course with R-rated horror films nowadays. I guess it’s just that muc

Pare Joins 100 Feet!

Eric Red’s return to the director’s chair, the supernatural revenge movie 100 Feet, just keeps looking better and better the more casting he does. Arrow in the Head found out today that thre

Ready for Another Dark Ride?

I think most fans would agree that, while it looked damn good, Dark Ride (review) wasn’t exactly this past November’s After Dark Horrorfest highest point. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get sequ

Look Behind The Mist!

Now this is just all kinds of badass; we’ve got two webisodes from the set of Frank Darabont’s The Mist, probably one of my most anticipated movies of this or any year, showing just what is goin

F13 on Friday the 13th

What’s a more appropriate way to spend this coming Friday, April 13th than actually watching Friday the 13th 1 & 2 on the big screen? Well, unless you’re in or near Arlington, TX or have a very

AWIL Doc to Feature Transformation!

We’ve been keeping you as up to date as we can on the new independently financed documentary on An American Werewolf in London called Beware the Moon. How we doing so far? Filmmaker Paul Davis is traveling all over to interview as many people involved with John Landis’ groundbreaking film as possible and so far he’s amassed a pretty impressive lineup.

Smith's Horror Titled

Though many people who aren’t as embedded in this genre as much as we are may not understand it, there are many different levels of "horror". One of the truest and yet most dividing kind of horror is the kind that can and does take place in everyday life, though for the sake of fiction and "entertainment", as it were, its usually taken to an extreme.

Tipper Van Pics, Theater Listings

A few days back we told you that you could win the van featured in The Tripper as both a way to make the fans happy and help David Arquette can get rid of it. Now we’ve got some pics of it f

Halloween Trailer Now Online!

So ... it turns out you don't have to go see Grindhouse (review here) (although I can't imagine why you wouldn't if only to check out the most badass double bill to hit theatres in years) to get

New Piranha, Demons Remake!

So how about this for weird? The other day we reported the odd news that Alexandre Aja would be stepping behind the camera for a remake of Joe Dante’s horror/comedy Piranha (read it here if you don’t remember).