Zombies Fear The Vanguard!

Where have all the good zombie movies gone?

New House of Pain Pics

It has begun! House Of Pain started filming a few days ago (on April 21st to be exact), and the results look amazing. The indie horror flick is running on a very small budget, but from what we'v

Dickerson for Un-Dead?

Though Ernest Dickerson’s last horror entry, the Masters of Horror episode "The V Word", was a disappointing entry for the series, it seems he’s still willing to delve into the world of vampires

Tribeca Horrors '07: The Last Man

With the Tribeca Film Festival gearing up in New York City, there's a lot more than spring in the hazy Tri-State air! We’ve told you about monsters, ghosts, mutated rat-people so far, but suspic

Exclusive: Rise: Blood Hunter Trailer!

Can I just say this, please? Lucy Liu is gorgeous. I know, it may seem like a "well, duh" statement, but sometimes it’s almost painful to watch her on screen she’s so pretty. It doesn’t hurt that she’

Bousman Chats Up Repo

While Darren Lynn Bousman continues work on Saw IV, it’s good to know that he’s also got his hand in getting his epic rock opera Repo! The Genetic Opera ready to shoot as soon as he’s done. In his

Goss Vs. Hellboy?

Luke Goss may have been around for a while, but he really didn’t get noticed by horror fans until his role in Guillermo del Toro’s Blade II, in which he played head Reaper Nomak. And we all know

The High Cost of Legend

Oh, man, I’m really smelling some kind of flop of disastrous proportions from I Am Legend for some reason. Maybe it’s just that they’re spending so much goddamn money on a Will Smith movie, something unheard of since Ali didn’t manage to move moviegoers as expected. Or maybe it’s that goddamn dog he seems to have with him in every promo shot we’ve seen.

Slade Talks 30 Days

Imagine going from the hard drama but relatively simple shooting schedule of a film like Hard Candy straight into a big studio-funded, action-packed vampire story based on one of the most popular comi

Lussier to Helm Condition Dead

Talk about a freaking wake-up call, wow! Some history, if you will...

2001 ... Comics?

Tim Sullivan is preparing to unleash his maniacs on an unsuspecting world for a second time on the big screen, and since this obviously comes so naturally for him, he's got time for other effort

UK Devil Horror

Ten years ago a group of theology students wanted to prove the existence of Hell by summoning a real live demon. Apparently they either succeeded or did something very wrong (or both) because th

Dead Silence This July

One of my favorite movies of the year so far, James Wan's anti-Saw entry Dead Silence (review), is on its way to your home come July 10th, 2007 according to DVD Active. The site reports that

Tribeca Horror '07: Unearthed

With the Tribeca Film Festival gearing up in New York City, there's a lot more than spring in the hazy Tri-State air! Namely monsters. Fast, hungry, vicious monsters who thinks humans make for g

Saw IV Pics & Plot

Those sick freaks over at Fearnet managed to get the first behind-the-scenes stills and basic plot synopsis for Saw IV, which features the return of Saw II & III director Darren Lynn Bousman (pictured