Buy One Tartan, Get One Free!

Now this is pretty cool; almost a good enough reason to go to that most dreaded place of seemingly neverending torture; the mall. Tartan Films just announced that, starting today and going through

Exclusive: Cohen Comes Alive!

The American Museum of the Moving Image was invaded by a mutant baby and its proud papa last weekend, when it held an archival screening of Larry Cohen's 1974 monster-baby opus It's Alive, hosted by t

Lionsgate Curses Alcatraz

When I first came across the box art for Curse of Alcatraz over at DVD Empire my immediate reaction was, "Geez, not another Ulli Lommel movie." Then I read the plot synopsis and it dawned on me that n

Masters Goes to Alberta?

Here's some potentially good news for all of you waiting to see what the future holds for Masters of Horror which, when we last heard about it, was still hovering in a big cloud of uncertainty as to w

Cloverfield Cast, History

Here’s something for you New Yorkers to keep an eye out for; people running around with camcorders looking scared. Well, more scared than the average tourist finding themselves on the wrong block, tha

How Accurate is Death?

Variety had a story this morning about a brand-new horror/fantasy coming our way from NTV and Warner Bros. Japan called Shinigami no Seido which, when literally translated, means Accuracy of the God o

The Sounds of Halloween

The undead rocker named Rob has unleashed the track listing and shelf date info for the soundtrack to his next horror opus, Halloween, via the film’s official MySpace page. The soundtrack is prett

Black Water Casting

Now here’s some good news, indeed; we just got a heads up from our former man Sean Clark with a fantastic update regarding a script he’s been working on for a long while: The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond.

Teaser Poster for Rec!

The first screening of the Jaume Balagueró/Paco Plaza horror film Rec is coming up quick (it’s playing this year’s Sitges Film Festival) so of course some teaser art is necessary. The poster you can s

Lee's Urbane Still on Hold

A few days back (specifically here) we gave you all a heads-up about a contest going down on MySpace for indie filmmakers to have their short films voted upon, the winner of which would get the chance

Final Invasion Poster

Though it’s been kicked around more frequently than a soccer ball in the last few months, I think the Nicole Kidman/Daniel Craig take on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, finally just titled The Invasio

G.P. 506 in Limbo

We first gave you word about R-Point director Kong Su-chang’s latest film, G.P. 506, back here and at the time it sounded like everything was on track for another solid war/horror movie from the succe

Dread Central: Year One

About twelve months ago something crazy happened – We declared our independence and Dread Central was born. It was a wild time for us. Jon Condit was awake for what we believe to be over 72 hours gett

Dinner for Fiends: The Year That Was

As most of you may recall, a year ago today (July 4th, 2006), the crew you now know and love officially broke loose from the chains of oppression that were holding them back and brought about our own,