Richard Stanley's Bones

Despite the fact that the man suffers through many levels of hell every time he tries to get a narrative feature made, you have to give credit to Richard Stanley for never, ever giving up. T

The Dead Can Dance

Let’s see, we’ve had zombies at the mall (multiple times), zombies in the woods, zombies in the streets and even underwater zombies; I guess it's inevitable that zombies would eventually make their way to a homecoming dance. The living dead feasting on the flesh of teenagers? Yes, please.

Tribeca Wrap Up Report!

We've been profiling the seven horror films that dropped in on the Tribeca Film Festival this year cause we love to make sure you're informed. If you were within driving distance, we know you tore as

Exclusive Look Behind Dead Air!

Yesterday we scored a trio of stills from the first horror movie to be directed by character actor Corbin Bernsen, Dead Air (last update here), which stars Bill Moseley as a DJ who experiences a zombie apocalypse taking place during his popular late-night show.

Listen to Hess

The other day (specifically here) we gave you a heads up that David Hess would had landed a key role in Ruggero Deodato’s return to horror, which came to us from the folks at Bloodtype Online. T

They Call Him Mr. Halloween

Fall, 2003, sleepy Sauquoit, New York. Multiple disappearances have sent the parents into a panic. Their children are at risk every day... It doesn't help that the police don't seem to care

Reese Gets Dark

Variety got word this morning that Reese Witherspoon, sweet, pretty, innocent Reese, is getting into darker and darker territory through her production house, Type A Films. First up, it was

Trio Join Ruins

Jonathan Tucker is getting some company on his next horror outing, the adaptation of Scott Smith’s The Ruins (book review), according to the news hounds at The Hollywood Reporter. Laura (pic

Get Eerie!

So the weather's getting warm again, but honestly, I think as a horror fan I prefer the chill of fall. All the good shit happens then, especially The Eerie Horror Film Festival, which will be r

New Pics From The Invasion

Our good friends over at BlairWiitch.de scored themselves the latest pictures from the new Nicole Kidman vehicle, The Invasion. Directed by Oliver (Das Experiment) Hirschbiegel, The Invasion

Play With Severance

The British horror/comedy Severance will be making its way to theaters on May 18th through Magnolia Pictures, and of course the hype is starting nice and big now. In addition to the upcoming

Cool Summer Shorts Are Here!

The weather's turning warmer; why bother going outside and getting all hot and sweaty when you can stay in and screw around on Dread Central all day, especially now that our Broadband section ju

See 28 Weeks Early

With 28 Weeks Later looming on the horizon, we horror fans are getting a bit nervous. So far what we’ve seen looks damn good; the cast is solid, the director is talented and the gore is prolific

Fearmakers Ready to Roll

Timo Rose is back behind the camera again, working on his follow-up to Barricade (review), the indie star-studded Fearmakers. Debbie Rochon, Joe Davidson (100 Tears), Andreas Pape (Barricade

New Devil's Chair Trailer!

Unfortunately there’s a large group of you reading this who have never had a chance to see Adam Mason’s debut film, Broken (review). I feel bad for you guys because it’s really a damn fine littl