Campbell Vacations With Stanley?

And speaking of Bruce Campbell (which we did here), some very interesting news is starting to float in from the various screenings his latest film, My Name is Bruce, has had across the country.

First My Name is Bruce Review

I’m not usually one to link to other people’s reviews for pretty much anything, but My Name is Bruce is a movie I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and have been waiting for someone to

Prom Night Remake PG-13

"Prom Night! Everything is all right!" I know many chicks who love horror movies have emulated Jamie Lee Curtis' dance scene from the 80's slasher classic, Prom Night. With the remake l

*UPDATED!* Dread Central's Guide to Podcasting!

The radio sucks. Always has. Sure, the satellite waves are finally giving us quality programs, but they’ll cost you a hefty chunk of change. Living in Los Angeles, I can do without the pop-cultu

Hall's Records Becomes Scratch

Man, it takes a long time to get a film made, and it seems like the time is usually doubled when it’s a horror project. For example, we first reported on Robert (Lightning Bug [review here])

Be a Part of Fantasia!

Are you a filmmaker? Do you have a feature or a short that you want to be seen in front of one of the coolest audiences in the world? To put it bluntly: Do want to be a part of Fantasia 2007?

Two Clips From 28 Weeks

Now this is kinda cool for me ... sorta. Fox Atomic just released two clips from 28 Weeks Later into their Restricted section, to celebrate both Friday the 13th and the fact that today is offici

Frankenstein Conquers DVD!

Holy shit! Two news stories pertaining to Frankenstein's monster ((the other Frankenstein story can be found here) in one day?! Far out! Word came down from our good friends at Media Blaste

Trick 'r Treat Teaser Art

Just a really quick heads up for you guys; one of the very cool teaser posters we saw while on the Trick ‘r Treat set has just gone up over on director Mike Dougherty’s MySpace page. Though it’s

Fear Fest Gallery, Video DONE!

Even though the link isn't as obvious as it used to be, I want to remind you guys that our photo gallery is still alive and kickin’. In fact, as we wait for the Fear Fest site to re-launch,

Friday the 13th Reminder

Since it is the day to celebrate all things Voorhees, we wanted to remind you of tonight’s screening of Friday the 13th 1 & 2 as part of Pit of Horror’s Friday Night Frights! Real 35mm prints of

New Resident Evil Trailers!

Well, we promised that you’d get some more information on the upcoming Resident Evil games heading to the Wii this week, and while information from Capcom’s "Gamer’s Day" event yesterday is under a pr

Fallon Joins 100 Feet!

As if Famke Janssen and Michael Pare weren’t enough, Eric Red just officially made sure that his return to directing, 100 Feet (last update here), will be a blockbuster. How did he assure th

On-Camera With John Landis!

You should all know by now that John Landis’ second-season entry for Masters of Horror, "Family" (review), is due out on DVD next Tuesday, April 20th. As fortune would have it I just so happened

Behold the TV Face

What in the hell is TV Face? What kind of title is that, anyway? It really evokes nothing as to what it would be about, unless of course it’s about a guy who has a TV for a face… Luckily that