Mandy Lane On The Wall

Ah, remember that one girl in school who was so beautiful you could only dream of being her boyfriend? Remember that time you started to kill off her potential suitors just so you could have her all to yourself in some secluded location?

Evil Will Be Resident In 2008

Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3 has just ended. There were a few new snippets of information, but what they mostly focused on were games due this year ... apart from one single exceptio

Horror Nights Gain Horror Legends

Yes, it's that time of year already. Time to turn our thoughts to Halloween, which also means Universal's Halloween Horror Nights.

Brutal Premieres This Friday

We last told you about the giant get-together of Ken Foree, Gunnar Hansen and Brian O'Halloran called Brutal Massacre here, and things have been rather quiet for a while. That is all going to change because this week Stevan Mena's latest directorial effort is ready to make a splash.

Explore New Sites With Jericho

Official websites for games aren’t things to usually get excited about; however, Codemasters often goes the extra mile with such things, and when the subject matter is something as exciting as Clive B

Demons/Demons 2 DVD Art!

As you can see, Anchor Bay has decided the classic look is the best look for their re-release of Demons and Demons 2, and that’s all right with us. Both discs will be sadly devoid of any extras b

Blair & Jones Ready for Evil

Given that both Selma Blair (pictured, right) and Doug Jones have been lending their voice talents to the animated Hellboy movies, it should be no surprise to anyone to hear that they are doing the sa

Repo! Snares Moseley

Honestly, Darren Lynn Bousman's next project, Repo! The Genetic Opera, just sounds more and more interesting with each new story that we hear about it. Bloody Disgusting is reporting the latest a

Leslie To Return?

It cannot be stressed enough that if you have not seen Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (review), then you should go out and get it right now. Hollywood has made it clear to us this year that all the best horror films are going straight to DVD or have to fight tooth and nail just to be considered for theatrical release.

Rec in Still Form

It has always been a dream of mine to be a reporter, a real outlandish one. Then I start to think about all the movies I've seen where the overzealous media end up on the bloody end of a knife because

3 Months For 28 Weeks

While sifting through the wonderful place known as the Internet, we came across something exciting at DVDActive: the 28 Weeks Later (review) DVD art! It isn't anything flashy, but the amount of red an

Exclusive: Feb. Start for Hatchet 2?

After the sneak peek at Adam Green’s follow-up to Hatchet, the slow burn psycho drama Spiral (review), Green took the stage at Fantasia for the usual Q&A that follows the films, and even though he was

Abrams on Cloverfield

I’ve been going back and forth with a reader named Rob about this, and it’s almost as if JJ Abrams was reading our e-mails.... which, knowing his works, wouldn't surprise me too much. He's sneaky lik

Fantasy Filmfest Premieres Stuck

Word came down this morning from Variety that the Fantasy Filmfest has just announced its lineup for this year, and featured among its 77 films are 8, count ‘em 8, world premiere movies. Specifica

Selz Panics With Satan

Last week Fangoria got word from The Rockville Slayer director Marc Selz about his newest project titled Satanic Panic. Salz started shooting his newest picture on June 2nd in Rochelle, Illinois, and all has been going well since.