Dread Central: Year One

About twelve months ago something crazy happened – We declared our independence and Dread Central was born. It was a wild time for us. Jon Condit was awake for what we believe to be over 72 hours gett

Dinner for Fiends: The Year That Was

As most of you may recall, a year ago today (July 4th, 2006), the crew you now know and love officially broke loose from the chains of oppression that were holding them back and brought about our own,

Cloverfield Trailer ... Sort of

Even though, I admit, I feel a bit dirty linking to someone’s camcorder footage of a trailer, this is one we’ve been waiting to see since it was first mentioned so I guess it’s all right. Right? Must

Bigfoot Goes Primal

Today is the Fourth of July - the day we Americans celebrate the birth of our nation. What better day than today to report on another new movie starring our greatest improvable living American: Bigfoot?

Mean Dogs & Sheep on DVD

Oh, man, that is some sexy art. I refer to the art Fangoria just scored a look at for Lionsgate’s upcoming special edition release of Cujo and, a bit farther down, Alligator. The former is out on Sept

Sexy New Night Pics

Man, I gotta tell you if there was one trailer I saw at this weekend’s Fangoria Weekend of Horrors that could be called a "crowd pleaser", it was the trailer for David Slade’s 30 Days of Night adaptat

Romero Gives a Diary Update

George Romero is getting ready to re-enter the zombie genre more or less created with Diary of the Dead a completely new, fully independent and radically different kind of film than what we might expe

Trick 'r Treat Scores

At the recent Weekend of Horrors (full report soon), I got a chance to see a nice bit of Mike Dougherty’s first directorial effort, Trick ‘r Treat (read my set visit here). Just so happened it was the

Exclusive Clip from The Cradle!

Personally, I’ve always taken a pass at the whole reproduction thing. A new direct-to-DVD flick called The Cradle is, to me, another cautionary tale about how the whole miracle of life thing can

Another Look at Catacombs

Still wondering what the hell is going on with Twisted Pictures’ Catacombs, the movie that wrapped production going on two years ago but has still not seen a release? Something tells me the success of

First Look at Naschy's Latest!

I do hate me some vampire films, as you all know, but I am an unapologetic fan of breasts, so I can’t see any issue in pointing out a slew of new pics that showed up over on Arrow in the Head which ju

Marvel Zombies Vs. AOD Wrap Up

When we last saw Ash (in our write up of issues 2 and 3 of Marvel Zombies Vs Army of Darkness), the "chosen one" was knee deep in a super hero zombie apocalypse. Every time an iconic ally seemed to pr

Full Saw IV Plot, Cast

Finally, we can rest easy knowing just what rumored plot Saw IV is going to follow when it rolls into theaters this October. It has nothing to do with the main character from the last movie trying

Unholy Theatrical

While we wait (and wait, and wait) for Anchor Bay to give us some final details on their DVD release of Unholy, the long-anticipated horror flick starring Adrienne Barbeau and Nicholas Brendan, seems it will be finding its way to theaters before it invades you home.

Horror From North And South

Filmmaker Demian Rugna sent us an e-mail informing us that he has just completed his first film The Last Gateway down in Argentina. The movie tells the tale of a married couple who discover one of the