New Voices for Repo!

Ah, the news has been all over the place, but we kept skipping it. Sorry for that; just want to make sure this is out there to as many people as possible because Repo! The Genetic Opera is one of my m

Depp Casts a Dark Shadow

Know how you can tell when a project has staying power? When decades after its release people are still talking about it.

Grinding out the Goods in the UK

Ah, Grindhouse films. As evidenced by Eli Roth, Edgar Wright, and Rob Zombie, even fake trailers for these now classics can be as fun as seeing the film itself. So much so that Nucleus Films is releas

Jumping Sarandon's Bones

If you're like me, you remember Peter Jackson's good old days. While the Rings trilogy is an epic piece of filmmaking, I still prefer the time he spent piling on the red stuff with Bad Taste and Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead for you purists out there).

Exclusive: WWZ And Romero's Zombie Comedy

We just got some text messages in from Nomad who is attending the San Diego Comic-Con. Zombie fans ... get happy!

No Jigsaw For Saw IV

More news fresh from Value at the San Diego Comic Con. This time it involves the upcoming torture porn sequel Saw IV ("Another Saw IV Poster" - July 26, 2007). It seems that the MPAA was not too pleas

Clive Paints Up The Train

Clive Barker is coming back to the horror genre in a big way this year. The master of torture has one project after another on his slate with the latest being Midnight Meat Train ("New Meat Train Pic"

4 Till Doomsday

Rogue Pictures is starting the PR for Neil Marshall's Doomsday ("Doomsday Draws Near" - July 12, 2007) with the release of four new posters that Bloody Disgusting found while creeping around the San Diego Comic Con today.

Sideshow Madness @ Comic Con

Comic Con is in full swinging motion and news is pouring in from all over the net about new movies, comics and best of all ... toys! As a toy collector I get all drooly whenever a respectable company

Twilight Falls On DVD

There was a lot of controversy surrounding the multi-director Twilight Zone movie that hit theatres back in the early 1980s. Film fact ghouls like myself love to get our hands on factoids and sometime

Bram's Drac Is Back

Remember when DVDs started getting popular around the late '90s? Sure, it was a great time as the technology was new and things like special features blew our minds, but it has been 10 years now. DVD

*UPDATE* More on Cloverfield!

**UPDATE** Our man Andrew Kasch just called in from Comic-Con with a bit of news from Abrams himself regarding his new monster mash. "This will not be a Godzilla or Voltron movie," says Abrams. "An

Another Saw IV Poster

Man, it’s only been a few days and already we have more Saw IV stuff on our hands than we know what to do with. Arrow in the Head snapped a pic of the Comic Con exclusive poster for the upcoming seque

Full Resident Evil 5 Trailer!

And how incredibly sweet it is! We're still not sure what the hell is going on, but apparently Chris Redfield has a job to do and he's not leaving till it's done. It looks to me like they took everyth

Haunted Hill Art, Specs

To follow up on the new pics we reported on earlier today ("New Eye, Hill & Stone Pics" – July 26th), it seems Warner Bros. wanted to make sure that Fangoria got the first look at their artwork for th