Suspiria Remake Revived

Now this is truly scary... Variety is reporting that upstart production house First Sun has acquired the rights to remake Dario Argento’s classic 1977 headfuck Suspiria for modern audiences. First

New Line in the Sick House

Another piece of horror news falling out of Cannes today is that New Line has picked up the US distro rights to the British scare flick Sick House according to Variety. The film was directed by Cut

Wizard of Gore Premiere Set!

Following the good news we reported the other day, that Media 8 had scooped up international sales rights for Jeremy Kasten’s remake of Wizard of Gore, I just had to get the man on the phone for a bit

Exclusive: Babysitter Wanted Art!

You know the deal; you’ve been working like a slave for the man everyday and all you want is one night out with the wife, to just have a bit of fun and unwind. Just get away from the farmhouse for a w

Poster for Tales From the Dead!

Today we received an update from Jason Cuadrado about his first feature film, Tales From the Dead, the ambitious project we first told you about back here that utilized only Japanese-speaking LA talen

Schmidt Gets Some Bad Meat

Sales are starting up already as the 60th anniversary of Cannes rolls it’s way through history; the first horror announcement so far is ThinkFilm’s acquisition of a new horror/comedy called Bad Meat.

Gordon Does More Lovecraft!

When it was first announced over a year ago that producer Robert Katz was revitalizing the Amicus Entertainment label, the British studio that was a direct rival for Hammer Films back in their heyday,

Siverston Discusses Who Killed Me

How weird must it be to bust ass getting your first film done, then being hired for your sophomore effort shortly afterwards, only to see the second film released before the first? Must feel like some

18" Hannibal Near Completion

Boasting a new head and new deco from his 7 inch Cult Classics counterpart, the new 18 inch Hannibal Lechter from NECA is looking pretty damn spot-on. This piece is set to hit this month (May), but th

Poster in 1408

Have you ever seen such a sinister bed in all your life? I know I haven’t! Not that this design will come as a big surprise to anyone who’s been to the official 1408 site, but to the right is the offi

Monster Mania Swag Report!

As is our little tradition before we set up at a show, we've got to give respect to those who set you up with the goods. Here's a breakdown of what Dread Central will be taking to Monster-Mania 8...

Behind the Weeks

So 28 Weeks Later kicked ass. I know it doesn’t really need to be said, but man it’s refreshing to see such a good horror flick, especially coming from a studio we were seriously beginning to worry ab

New Orphanage Pics

We just got a heads up from a reader named Emilio about a slew of new pics from Juan Antonio Bayona’s El Orfanato (aka The Orphanage) that just showed up over on Aullidos, one of which you can see to

Fantasia's Davis Signs First-Look Deal

It’s really great to see, in the course of running a horror site and being so involved in "the scene", someone truly deserving finally get the chance to show off their stuff in a big way. Yesterda

Final Hills 2 Specs

All right, so maybe The Hills Have Eyes 2 won’t go down as Fox Atomic’s crowning achievement (that honor goes to 28 Weeks Later right now), but there’s always room for some big mutant fun, right? Righ