Check Out Some Short Evil

We recently got an e-mail from some French filmmakers directing us to check out their new horror project Evil by Evil. Here's a brief synopsis: "After one of their friends gets killed, three you

DVD of the Super Monsters

If ever there was proof that everything and anything is getting released to DVD these days, the announcement that Attack of the Super Monsters will soon be permanently enshrined on digital media

Doomsday Destruction

Imagine if Neil Marshall came to your town with the intent of destroying it. Would you be able to say no? I know I wouldn’t, and neither did the citizens of Haghill, Scotland a few days back

Leslie's DVD Specs!

Like Butane stated before, Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (review) deserved a wide theatrical release. This film has the same kick that Scream did a decade ago. It was full of the ri

DiBlasi's Got the Pig Blood Blues

Like all news related to Clive Barker-inspired projects, be sure to take this one with a healthy dose of cautious optimism. Though the reality that Midnight Meat Train is finally in front of cam

The Incredible Shrinking Marvel Zombies

If you haven't heard of the Marvel Zombies mini comic series, you've missed out big time. The Zombies series and its cross-over with Ash from Evil Dead have been the funniest, if not the best, t

Exclusive Chat With 28 Weeks Producer!

Though I’ve briefly been to London before, I never really got a chance to enjoy the city the way I did when Fox Atomic flew myself and five other reporters there last October to visit the set of

Monster Squad Cover Art!

I miss kids' films from the 1980s. What happened during the last twenty-some years that caused all coming of age films to be tamed down? Remember the time when Frankenstein's monster would spy o

Redsin, Cannibal Updates!

Two chunks of good news have come our way today via Ed over at Bloodtype Online, both of which involve some good old fashioned bloodshed. While chatting with Toe Tag Pictures prez Fred Vogel

Exclusive Clip from Closet Space!

Perhaps you remember the indie film we’ve been feeding you info on here and there called Closet Space? Despite the innocuous title, the film is actually a Lovecraftian tale of horror about a group of

New Bug Posters Revealed

Ah, bugs. Gotta love ‘em. As the weather gets nicer here on the East Coast, that’s the one thing I don’t look forward to the most: finding out what strange and unusual bugs manage to find th

A More Sensitive Battle

As if the idea of Americans remaking/re-adapting Battle Royale wasn’t disturbing enough from the outset, now Vertigo producer Roy Lee is telling the press that the recent massacre at Virginia Te

Son of O'Connell Cast

Rob Cohen and company have finally found the new man upon whose shoulders the future of the Mummy franchise will rest: 26-year-old Australian actor Luke Ford, so reports Variety. Hoping to bring i

Jackson Rolls the Bones

Though I’ve not read the novel myself, I have heard people whose opinion I respect state that The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a fantastic novel. The only thing I question in regard to its inclusion here on the site is whether its adaptation will be enough "horror" to make fans happy.

Zombie Self-Defense Force, GO!

I've never been good at summing up Japanese films before so let us take a look at what the Fantasia Festival site had to say about a strange title called Zombie Self-Defense Force: "Everything c