Children Shouldn't Play With DVDs

The Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things remake is sadly on hold (for now), but at least we can enjoy the original on DVD come September 18th! A reader tipped us off today that a 35th anniversa

Vacation With Jason, Freddy & Leatherface

We last told you all about Universal teaming up with New Line Cinemas to bring Freddy, Jason and Leatherface together here. Today we don't have news that will exactly top the joining of three horror f

Hush, the Cameras Are Rolling

Word came down the wire from SaintSinner Entertainment today that principal photography will start in mid-August for their next film, Hush, which is based off of author Amel J. Figueroa's short story

Palumbo Set to Shock Again

Things have been pretty quiet over at Nick Palumbo's Fright Flix Productions for a few years. Sure, his film Murder Set Pieces had a DVD release and all that, but as far as new productions go ... it h

Exclusive: First Pics From Animals!

Check it out. We just got the first look at the upcoming Douglas Aarniokoski adaptation of the Skipp & Spector novel Animals! The bestial film is wrapping up its shoot in Salt Lake City as we speak, a

New ROTLD Disc Art

So one of our eagle-eyed readers who goes by the name Lucas just dropped us a line with the good news that the cover art for the upcoming Return of the Living Dead: Collector’s Edition is now up on Am

Death Sentence Contests Galore!

I know that James Wan’s latest picture, Death Sentence, isn’t exactly horror, but man these contests are just too good to ignore, I’m sorry! 20th Century Fox has announced three new contests to pro

Saw IV Poster Revealed!

**UPDATE: B-D just confirmed it is the real deal! Rejoice!** Could this be the poster for Saw IV? B-D got the first look at it, and it would make sense that Lionsgate would have one done in time fo

Hathaway Returns to Troll Territory!

Wow, the Troll remake news just keeps coming fast and furious, doesn’t it? Still not sure how I feel about it, but we’ll just roll with it for now. Bloody Disgusting got the word from the helmer o

Dragon Wars in America

I actually now find myself feeling a little sorry for D-War. Here's this giant monster movie that's been in production for years, that's been the subject of everything from anticipation to ridicule, t

Trick 'r Treat Joins Sideshow!

Of the thousands of press releases we’ve been getting this week regarding events at San Diego Comic Con, it’s been very hard to sift through them all and pick out the good bits. Which is why we may ha

30 Days Spin off Named, Dated

We’ve been mentioning it off and on for a while now, but finally the 30 Days of Night spin-off set to air exclusively on Fearnet has a title.

This One's for Lindsay!

The Pioneer Theater, New York City’s last vestige for Grindhouse cinema, has just added a new dedication to tomorrow night's screening of Shadow: Dead Riot; they’re doing it all for Lindsay Lohan!

Deadly Friends & Horror Hoods

With all the DVD news Fangoria got today, why didn’t they just put it all in one story and save themselves some time? I always gotta think of stuff first. The first bit of news is that the Wilmer

Descent Given a 2

Well, we know nothing about it save that it’s being handled by the same production house, but apparently something is happening for the sequel to Neil Marshall’s badass horror film The Descent. ST